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For me, and each other stay right there Hey guys today I am on my way to Hong Kong for airport for a few hours my layover Kuala Lumpur, and then, I’ll be in Hong Kong before it to being right there again feel really good and, I’m going to pop out. Because it’s going really close to oh, I’m only going to be a train ride away from him l feel like things are moving forward get on the quick one-hour flight here’s one of us women just got into Kuala Lumpur I have a 12 hour layover as I was walking in the airport this girl ran up to me just like excuse me excuse me I thought I had dropped something. But then she was like oh my friend says the you’re on , and here’s a voucher for a hotel inside the year was like what you know who you are thank you thank you so much I love he got into Hong Kong met you guys from London England say something for my British viewers don’t go back just keep traveling they’re telling me about how much I have to go to India, and I know you guys say that. So often. So pretty crazy story yeah pretty crazy I found kind of this here you can kind of see the skyline across the Victoria Harbour. But it is very misty today.

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So the buildings are quite obscured by the myth they say you’re gonna go home much against a world out there for me I need you to stay right there who come in right away oh I just ran with the guy that’s helping me get these ensatina should have my beaver by tomorrow liberal, and I are just like texting each other non-stop all excited about it everything goes right. So noisy, I’m sorry if everything goes right then I will see him tomorrow, I’m going to go, and explore the city. Because I love Hong Kong it’s just been an absolutely exhausting almost three weeks now that we’ve been apart it’s been really really hard all these difficulties just keep coming up it’s just one after the other, and it is exhausting part of it and, I’m just ready to see him, and get there get to China just have all of this over with, and then I feel like we can start everything just waiting pretty much Olivia oh it’s been. So long it’s been like three weeks now hopefully at the end of this post we’re gonna be reunited I don’t know what’s going to happen yet, I’m just waiting like that my life lately waiting for visa, and to know anything about what’s going on in my own life. So yeah one day it is my third morning here in Hong Kong, and policy today I am going to be seeing Livio. So getting my visa tonight supposedly, I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much. But I, I’m just.

So happy, and now I finally feel like I can relax a little bit, and not feel worried about Jesus, and yesterday extending all day. So now, I’m going to walk around the city a little bit, and hopefully get my visa later if it’s staircase IP then if you come up the stairs let’s have from the other side a completely normal went up those stairs with all the toys on them, and now I am here with all of these facing I don’t know what’s going on. But I have found a place in Hong Kong that’s empty really amazing very crowded here sometimes even when you’re walking down the street. So many people in Kowloon Park this is really really beautiful in here if they didn’t have those pipes in the water it would be really useful anyway you know I expected not to like this park as much. Because I’ve just been in Singapore with all the gardens, and amazing stuff like that. But actually it’s really really beautiful the guy grows me, and I am supposed to be getting my visa in a few hours it is currently 2:45 and, I’m supposed to be meeting him at 6:00 right after that I will get on a train to China. So hopefully everything works out waiting for the time to pass.

So not going to talk shop to write in my journal to make sense now it is 4 o’clock just waiting 5:30 now almost time finally almost 6 o’clock leaving I have all my stuff, and finally finally, I’m going to have the visa, and then, I’m jumping straight on the train to China no more delays finally going to get there ok. So that’s my job visa I haven’t I held it in my hands, and I happen now I have to take the metro into China take the Metro from Hong Kong meso closes I am now getting on the first of many many trains knives on another train super freaking sneeze okay got my next ticket last one of the four trains that I have to take now getting on a train to this is beyond I think that’s how you say checkpoint, and then I will be in China, and singing with you I got the wrong line I take another train. But, I’m fair look who’s back look who’s back here I wasn’t here before, I’m happy you’re back I don’t think it’s necessary to say that I think it’s pretty obvious I am in China we are going to be living in Shenzhen which is where we are now. But this post isn’t about China. So you’ll see that in the next post the important thing is that there’s only this much distance in between to us not even yeah we have to go. So bye.

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