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293 Palmerston Ave, Toronto, 647-342-6307 www.woodlotrestaurant. Com CUISINE: Vegetarian/Canadian DRINKS: Full Bar.

SERVING: Lunch & Dinner PRICE RANGE: $$$


This popular eatery offers a small menu of mean and vegetarian dishes. Favorites include: Ember roasted ham and Sourdough spaghetti and meatballs. Nice assortment of imported beers.

One curiosity is seeing how the lock gate arms (lever lock balance beams) have the equivalent of kicking stones to give straining humans greater purchase.

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Continuing, a road has to be crossed to follow Destination Street, a touch of surrounding suburbia with the park-like area off right, more or less on top of what was Port Downie. The Destination Inn is passed. Below Lock 15 is a display board explaining the three sculpted figures of a doctor, a swimming pool timekeeper, and the inventor of Iron Brew – local celebrities. (Barr’s factory once occupied premises next to the Union Inn. ) Lock 14 has a footbridge beside it. The Rosebank Distillery buildings dominate Lock 11, with the Rosebank Beefeater restaurant/pub on the left. The remaining distillery buildings, with the chimney stack, lie across the busy road junction. The Beefeater is in the former bonded warehouse, and the interior is an impressive conversion and worth seeing. Both Lock 11 (and Lock 5) had to be repositioned in the work of restoration to fit in with road demands, and after the steep down and up under the Camelon road you can see the original lock, something of a narrow cutting now.

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