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So I sat at a table on my own, and Xi’an Map Tourist Attractions felt uncomfortable about it. Five tables of people stared at me. I had been given Xi’an Map Tourist Attractions a knife and fork; perhaps that was why everyone stared. No, it’s because they always stare. I was still having difficulty adjusting to accept these manners as normal. Different things are polite and impolite, one can be impolite without knowing by making someone lose face; and things which are impolite to me, such as staring, mean nothing in their culture.

Most creative industries now have significant digital components in terms of process, production and distribution. This digital convergence is accelerating the move to services or abstract goods that Business Week predicted.

Opportunity through Virtual Value

The Internet has accelerated the importance of virtual value. The Internet brings ideas and value closer together than at any time in history perhaps since the golden age of philosophy with the likes of Socrates and Plato over two millennia ago. But how should architecture respond to the creative economy and the erosion of the physical manifestation of human endeavour? Earlier periods of industrial progress were physical and the industrial revolution left cities with a legacy of transport, infrastructure, factories, and also funded civic buildings and amenities. Architects and engineers were well aware of the legacy and value of the built environment and typically built accordingly. As industry left cities, empty factories and abandoned docks could form the basis of urban regeneration and the structures gained a new vitality and purpose.

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