Map of Cancun Mexico

We are exploring ancient Mayan archaeological site now full of amazing.

And, it’s really quiet now. So okay that’s pretty cool well, this is the biggest Mayan temple in Mexico. And scum one is bigger than just put a bit bigger actually.

I still can’t say that word. I know. I can’t see it.

Map of Cancun Mexico Photo Gallery

I honestly can’t then oh dear let’s do it. I don’t really know why me some hands don’t really need to buy good no the people pay people ask me literally like all other jumble bitch assembly crebbil such an amazing view wow wow wow. So before we enter the village here we’re gonna be blessed by a local shaman that’s going to perform a kind of welcoming ceremony to to introduce us to their gods make sure we’re all okay.

And then we’re going to have some fun we’re gonna see some cenotes love cenotes come on don’t be shy America she criticized religion super bitch now originally the cenotes were used as water holes because well it was a very good source of water. And nowadays they are still used as water holes that’s why, you have to make sure, you like shower. And don’t put any lotions or bug sprays on, you before, you go into them if you’re going to go swim in them which.

I think that we’re gonna go swim in them okay how big how long is the cave is a seven wonder of the world well new seventh wonder of the world. And my fifth. ?

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