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Apart from that promontory, the lake shore tended to be Xuzhou Map flat and muddy. Behind it the empty level sands stretched bleak and windswept, until in Xuzhou Map the far distance they rose up into ice-capped mountains. The northern shore of the lake seemed just as bare, and although I paddled vigorously I couldn’t keep warm. (The altitude here is about 10,000 ft.) When I got thirsty I drank some lake water and was puzzled at its taste. I had forgotten that the lake is salt water, and undrinkable.

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Figure 2: Callum Morton, Hotel 2008, installation, Eastlink Tollway Melbourne.

Image: Ashley Perry 2012.

The experience of these artworks is most commonly witnessed and produced from within the car and this perspective accounts for the bold, imaginative and playful geometries that are encapsulated in their design.

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