Yellowstone Canyon Hotel

The famous Canyon Hotel, incorporating an earlier hotel, opened to guests in 1911. Arguably the all-time gem of Yellowstone Park hotels, this was the largest and most elaborate one ever built in Yellowstone. Designed and supervised by architect Reamer, who had completed the Old Faithful Inn seven years before, Canyon Hotel was a massive and elegantly appointed hotel whose foundations were said to measure a mile around. It was five stories high and had 430 rooms, a huge lobby, and a spiral staircase reputedly copied from the Paris Opera House. The author of this guide remembers passing by as a child with her parents and being told we couldn’t go there, because it was a hotel for rich people. Canyon Hotel was built in the wintertime. Supplies were hauled the 40 miles from the Gardiner railhead on sleds pulled by six horses. Over 100 carpenters worked seven days a week to make it ready for the 1911 tourist season.

Yellowstone Canyon Hotel Photo Gallery

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