So we’re just down here, and down to bounce them the boss is going to figure something to take us to the new cemani National Park it’s gonna take two hours to get this to another bus ride what’s right yeah you know she walks you. So here in Oakland an hour out of Yosemite some breakfast shall we also picked up some stuffs. Because we’re gonna have a picnic today. So we just arrived at Yosemite, and it looks like we should be arriving at the Sequoia tree. So just here it just looks amazing, and we’re not even not even scratching the surface yet we also stopped. Because it looks like our bus is having a bit of trouble you just contact in the office seething get another bus out for us I mean always took us four hours to get out here hopefully we make it home you just hiked down Yosemite down to the sequoia trees, and these are some of the biggest trees in the world.

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK San Francisco USA Photo Gallery

So hard on post. Because this just doesn’t do it any justice it’s huge it’s huge look at this really big pinecone we’re gonna go keep hiking, and see if ice no more it’s our first nore in America snowman let’s turn the camera we love food. Because we’re walking, and we’re just crazy how very yelling roll the we’ve got my girl like I told why we went to like a sandwich shop, and I told them what I wanted made, and I was explaining to him. But I was like I think it was no way to into a life she’ll add that the whole mess Anita Zeki on there sure always get excited Mia food getting us through the hike cannot see you hike we’re not the last family which is good cuz we always stop, and take photos, and we’re always the last if you couple people behind us you can’t see them, and we’re meant to be there in two minutes to get back to the bus. But they are not gonna make it. So when the tree was this big that was during time the Roman Colosseum was built then it goes out until 1937 Golden Gate Bridge showing have a base of koi trees get in a nice little pie chart for you these views mountain range of ever seen it’s spectacular having some lunch PPP, and the most beautiful picnic spot time for dessert after we ate we did it for the climbing you can adjust 70 Falls, and it’s just amazing tallest okay yeah there’s another stage like just beyond there Stephen is out in the mist taking some thirties you can’t even see him how cool is this have really showed this view HOA times. But I think it looks awesome often his Instagram missions don’t fall was it good very cool we don’t like this well the worldly is something similar Jeanne Beker Janie place this looks amazing we’re going now yeah sure William going back to the bus now, I’m Gus it for the day oh no Shawn oh we’re going back to the bus, and I think we’re gonna go past that um Ralphie’s place again, and we go home with the whole good we have the best force on this morning yes everything was so good. So I think we’re gonna go get like a couple of change we’re back off to being out for life for me now who is today me, and even after being on a bus yesterday for about eight hours, and then we got home probably went to bed about twelve of the fire. But no complaining was a beautiful day oh my gosh it was the nicest like landscape I’ve ever seen in my whole life mm-hmm definitely like seeing those granite like mountains, and the oranges were it was just beautiful like, I’m sure you guys saw the shots yesterday sorry we can’t show you anything a San Francisco few days time oh yeah. But if somebody was amazing and. So we’ve had like if you watch travelogues every day you’ll see that they’ve been. So sporadic when we bring them out now. Because we’ve had the busiest last week like I think, I’m officially like crashing yeah definitely there’s like we had like.

he sarah come over three days. So that was jam-packed you know you saw we caught up with the shed, and then we traveled, and we came here um I don’t think like going to Disneyland, and hiking, and all these things it’s I miss things none would not comply no we just wanted to apologize that the posts we did trying to bring them out of 9 a.m. every day it’s been a little bit hard. Because you know we’re getting back at midnight, and I want to spend some time editing the post I wanted his chances yeah yeah though just for the sake of chuckle together like I want you guys to enjoy, and you know we want to enjoy it in the years to come when we get to re-watch them like we don’t want to just rather just take the extra couple of hours to edit it, and we hope you guys enjoy them they will really appreciate everything you guys reading, and subscribing definitely ting line you know, and keep coming back we’re really appreciated. So hopefully we should get back on the schedule see ya. So tomorrow we’re just gonna have like a big day yeah thank you refuse to the next like yeah I think a last day in words in Hawaii yeah get to know us walk oh yeah thanks, I’m sorry exhausted now yeah yeah.

So the moment you guys have any questions you want us to answer tomorrow we can squeeze them in throughout the day leave a comment in the section below you have any questions for us yeah, and hopefully we will read them before yeah cuz of course with the time frame with Australian America yeah I think you I hope you enjoyed today’s post hope you loved all the views like we were just blown away oh thanks guys you.

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