Everyone loves Toronto, or so it seems, as it’s the one of the most multi-culturally diverse cities in the world and the most populous city in Canada with almost 3 million residents.

A melting pot of cultures, flavors, and people, with over 140 languages spoken make Toronto a unique destination with its thriving culture, dining, and nightlife.

With all these different cultures represented, it’s no wonder festivals abound here and there’s a festival for every neighborhood and ethnic group and if you’re a festival fan, then visit Toronto during the summer months as there are a dozen or more festivals scheduled every weekend.

If you haven’t visited the thriving city of Toronto then it’s time to plan your trip, as it is now bigger than Chicago. While records say that Toronto has 301 days of sunshine, the fall is also a great time to visit to experience the amazing autumn foliage and Oktoberfest. But just because the winters can be brutal, don’t discount Toronto’s winter season since it becomes a winter wonderland bustling with chilly sports like cross-country skiing and ice skating – there are 52 outdoor skating rinks in the city.

There are many reasons to visit Toronto, just ask a proud local who just might share some of the reasons that their city is ranked as the world’s fourth most livable city.

One of the accolades that you might hear from locals is the fact that Toronto ranks second as the world’s most business competitive global city.

There’s certainly competition in the dining community as Toronto boasts more than 8,000 restaurants so you’re certain to find a dining spot suitable for your tastes and pocketbook.

Yes, Toronto’s food scene can certainly give any city in the world stiff competition. If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee and prefer an indie coffee shop instead of the overrated Starbucks chain, then Toronto is your city.

Toronto is also a favorite destination of the film industry as it’s North America’s third largest city for movie production.

It that’s not enough to convince you to visit Toronto, then check out the wealth of attractions like the exciting theme parks, zoos, gardens, and golf courses and be prepared to fall in love.


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