ZORBING Rotorua New Zealand

Guys, you know. I wouldn’t take, you to the ceiling without showing, you the zorb. I know, you guys know about this it is no ground puppy ball that rolls down the hill.

ZORBING Rotorua New Zealand Photo Gallery

And basically, you like a thing first first he invites back in this afternoon here to our home with our village here that, it’s the full name of our home to make life a little bit easier we shortened the name – idea what it was this gives, you a good indication of the entire other type of environment we live in hopeful looking like this here or the hot pose. And the village range between about 90 to 110 degrees pretty much the equivalent to our big boiling pot of water. So inside this hot pool here we cook out our vegetables takes about ten minutes to boil corn on the cob inside this PO two minutes of a boil an egg cabbage about 30 seconds a very fast method of cooking we’re going up on a gondola right now to go do some Fuji which is basically like go-karting without anything that makes a go car to go they’re not going that fast though Wow people that is our lunch spot right now, it’s we’re about to go do our second lose right now hurry to a bit more difficult yeah.

I think. So yeah try. And pick up the pace a little bit final thoughts on the luge.

I went on the second track this time it was the more advanced track but. I nearly died. I nearly fell over, you laughs, but.

I’m dead serious that was the scariest thing. I’ve done here hi guys. So we’re here at dinner.

And tonight we were having a traditional New Zealand Maori dish basically lamb pork chicken potato sweet potato corn good evening everyone. I’m Kara now the mugger is basically a posture or exercise Houston days of all by our ancestors. And the stimulus before going into what’s up how’s it going the acronym for a growth right now show.

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