10 HIDDEN West Coast SECRETS – LA Seattle Travel Guide

What is up guys. And welcome to Hollywood late last night. I flew in from the Philippines.

And let’s just say that jet lag is definitely kicking in hard. I got up at like 4:00 in the morning with a ton of energy, but the good news is. I’ve used that energy well and.

I started planning out what will be in incredible five days as. I show, you ten hidden gems in two major West Coast cities we’re gonna start off here in LA. And from there.

10 HIDDEN West Coast SECRETS – LA Seattle Travel Guide Photo Gallery

We’ll be flying to Seattle. And today’s post is in collaboration with the Hyatt credit card from Chase. I’m gonna be showing, you some amazing perks at the end des West Hollywood hotel as well as activities dining and.

So much more. So stay tuned. And let’s hop into the post quick stop at LAX to pick up my partner-in-crime for the next five days this here is Steven the next five days we’re gonna be exploring the hidden gems of LA in Seattle.

So let’s set off we’re going to the sunken city right now let’s do it. So how did this come to be this incredible viewpoint with foundations with railroad tracks well in 1929 there was a landslide that took this exclusive little community right off of the face of the hill. And plunging into the ocean as, you can see here foundations railroad tracks all sorts of debris still remains here today escape the big city.

And get to see one of the unique things that make the city. So cool. I actually want to introduce, you to this guy right here he’s actually part of the blog he’s my brand manager.

And the way we met, it’s pretty funny actually he was like one of the first people to ever comment to my blog in fact he says what were you. So it was actually back in July of 2018. I was actually on the treadmill reading some other travel vlogger.

I saw a thumbnail clicked on it. And he only had about 1,500 at the time and. I was like well I’ll give it a try.

And a couple years later here we are never know what may happen, you might wind up in LA about to get killed by dogs coming at, you yeah there’s like a big pit bull over there we’re not the only ones here, but, you can definitely see, this is the local crew going north we’re gonna be going to a cave that gives us a look out of the Hollywood sign we are going right now to brunson cave in between a canyon. And there it is right in there if you ever looking for proof of aliens, it’s right here in between this cliffside. And Stephen noted lots.

And lots of ravens around here. And watch out for mountain lions and, you know cuz. We’ll eat your family my kids oh my gosh.

And there is the Hollywood sign that is the best view, you can get. And fun fact it was actually supposed to be Hollywood land they didn’t complete it they left it as Hollywood. And that’s what, you see here today one of the most iconic sites in the entire world alright.

So we just got back to the car. And the sky is currently changing to a beautiful pink hue we’re actually gonna go to what is a very common tourist attraction, but we’re going to show, you a very unique take on it. So we’re gonna be heading up to Griffith Observatory let’s head there now hopefully.

We’ll have a bit of sunlight oh my gosh look at this inferno one of the most incredible colorful sunsets. I’ve ever seen. So welcome to the Griffith Observatory, this is a very very popular attraction here in LA, but again we’re trying to find the not.

So popular they’re not. So common things. And one of the not.

So common things is something. I didn’t even know was here. I personally been to the Griffith Observatory about three or four times now.

And there’s something. I never knew existed here we had to hang back like an entire hour to wait for this thing to start up. I feel like.

I’ve been out for like a solid two. And a half days, but. I’m hanging in there because the Tesla coil is gonna provide everything.

I need. So we’ve just gone back to the hotel. And.

I’m super excited because tonight’s perk is nothing finer than a delicious burger for myself we had been streamed himself yeah we have an amazing New York steak here. I’m excited this looks. So good true you’re.

So sweet y’all sales day number two here in LA. And right now Stephen and. I we’re heading out going on our big date trip.

And we’re actually gonna be bringing, you outside of LA to an area known as Malibu, but there’s one place in particular that. I’m very excited to show, you. And most people do not know of it.

So let’s go check it out. So we’ve just arrived in a state park by the name of Leo Carrillo. I’m not Spanish, but.

I’m attempting to be, this is supposedly a very unknown park that has some beautiful caves a beautiful place to surf. And the great thing is it was only about an hour without traffic about 50 minutes outside of La one of the most beautiful coastlines in the entire world lies right here if you’re coming to Southern California definitely rent a car. I mean, you can get around like the downtown areas with the Google.

And public transportation policy, you got to rent a car get out. I mean look at this view guys see place. So that is the guard tower State Park dude told us to come below it.

I think, it’s dry in there, it’s a seal no no, this is a California sea lion what, this is a California sea lion they’re different than sealed view their ears on the outside of the body yeah like a, you actually knew that anywhere Timothy be safe on your great voyage back to Antarctica watch out for the wave Timothy. And tell, you they grew up. So fast alright we have found the great hole well we found a lot of interesting tunnels on this trip wasn’t expecting that amazing State Park very very beautiful time to head back to LA a couple of solid hours in traffic.

And driving on fizzy la streets we’ve just arrived in a very interesting side of the city. And right now. I’m bringing, you to something that’s very interesting and.

I don’t think many people know of it questionable if you need to know about it, but, you know every now. And then. I like to throw in a little fun something-something with the post here it is my gosh what do we have inside a robot.

And a caveman about to shake hands history took place right here at the time-travel Mart. And basically what they do is they sell all sorts of like really obscure. And unique things that are from the past the future.

I’m actually just finding out, but, this is a non-for-profit we run an educational nonprofit where we help minor research students, you develop their creative writing skills their homework after school that’s awesome are they a fresh dinosaur eggs rotary phone only $86,000 small investment what do, you think of what it does for, you he’s had to get some dinner. And then tomorrow morning we’re off to see bag is in check. And we have just safely arrived here at sea-tac it is time to head to the height.

I’m very excited. I’m gonna show, you a beautiful Joe welcome to the Grand Hyatt Seattle first of all, this is a bathroom, it’s this beautiful marble bathroom we’ve got like a little walkway out to our beautiful view check this out right there. So we just got a couple of massages how was yours Ella’s amazing.

I feel. So good right now like loosened up we are heading to the Seattle underground apparently there was an old city then they had to build over it after the fire. I don’t know we’re gonna find out oh my gosh guys check out that sunset, but the light won’t matter.

So much the Sun won’t matter because we’re going beneath the city. So the tour starts in like now. And there’s nobody else down here.

And there’s just like tons. And tons of bench seating. I assume they get really big groups it is just Steven and.

I private tours for the win back in the day that door right there would have taken, you to the main street, you would have opened it up, you would have seen streetcars we would have seen like other buildings, but essentially we’re about to learn why that is no longer the case. And everything was built on top of the city into the back in the day. I would have looked up.

And seen the sky right now. I see the bottom of the sidewalk above me you’re involved that was an incredible tour. I just learned.

So much about Seattle. And, it’s hilarious pass, this is the Reader’s Digest. So essentially Seattle was built by a bunch of people that knew nothing about urban planning it was built on a beach the tides were coming in.

And out. And this was causing huge problems for the sewage systems there was eight foot deep sink holes forming in the roadways it was a gong show. And now what actually turned out to be a blessing was a massive fire that burned down 33 blocks worth of buildings.

And this allowed Seattle to basically restart the city realized the best way to deal with this was to actually build an entire story up. I’m just scratching the surface of what. I’ve learned here today, but, this is for, you to come discover on your own.

I highly recommend this tour, this is one of the best finds of this entire post there’s a party going on here 7:20 right now Sun rises in 25 minutes. And we drove about an hour outside of the city the air is just opening me up it feels. So good, it’s very nice.

And cool, but like not too cold is probably one degree what’d, you do over the kerbin grab this Spencer that’s okay guys. I almost died, but looking forward to going to waterfall not falling off the waterfall hopefully let’s head down to the waterfall. So guys right behind me here, this is Snoqualmie Falls.

And by no means is it a hidden secret an unknown waterfall what. I want to show, you guys though is that just outside of the city of Seattle is incredible beauty, this is why Seattle is the city that, you must see and, this is just one of the many waterfalls creeks. And things worth coming to see get a rental car.

And go explore outside of Seattle Snoqualmie has been beautiful this morning we caught sunrise my hands are going numb, you can see my breath, it’s time to get in the car yeah just a bit of a rough day at work just going to step over the skylight here to show, you something very interesting here in the City of Seattle right behind me here is a pinball museum one of the things. I always recommend is getting into the Google search in some interesting things. And you’ll stumble upon some of the hidden gems around the city this right here if you’re a pinball fanatic.

I highly recommend, you check out look at all these machines here all of the pinball machines are actually in chronological order from the date they were built. And the oldest one. I’m standing in front of right now is from 1960s.

So the pinball museum comes with the greeter and, this is cash that’s part these are the best part if you thought the time travel Mart was weird we’re right now heading to the second last destination of this post and, this is probably the weirdest one yet. And voila. So Steven my good sir tell me why are we standing in front of a random beat-up Coke machine well it is a bit of a mystery who feels this Coke machine because no one’s seen anyone actually filled this Coke machine, it’s been here for years.

And years. And even more of a mystery is, you don’t know what you’re getting, you push a mystery button for the word how the mystery can of soda might be coke that might be some of the product comes out. And only extending 5 cents or a dollar okay well let’s try it ready.

I love vanilla coke then perfect then here, you go refreshing. So just outside of the City of Seattle is a place called Fremont. And there’s a lot more to be seen here, but today we’re gonna be focusing on our final stop of this entire trip, it’s right behind me.

I seriously cannot think of a more fitting place to end off the incredible five-day trip here on the west coast arguably the best coast my partnership with the Hyatt credit card from Chase has made this such a streamlined experience everything from fine dining spas. And beautiful hotels definitely an unforgettable trip. I really hope, you guys took some inspiration from this post found a few little cool unique things to add into your West Coast trip, it’s awesome to get off the beaten path to see new things.

And guys if you enjoyed this post make sure hit the thumbs up button hit the comment button if you want to become part of the community. And let’s get lost again in the next one wes is gonna let me try his what do, you call it, this is called a solo okay, you just gotta send it that’s it yeah, you definitely gotta send it with these. And lean forward, you got this.

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