13 Ways a Trip to Singapore will make you a happier person

Singapore or the Garden City is one of the very few cities in the world where you will find the perfect blend of cultures and backgrounds. With immigrants from several parts of the world, Singapore offers great diversity in culture and other aspects which makes it one of the best places to stay and visit. Although Singapore welcomes you with open arms all through the year, the best time to visit Singapore is the duration between May and July or during Christmas or Chinese New Year. You will also find an awesome crowd during the Singapore Fashion Week where tickets are sold to the general public. You can apply Visa for Singapore even online making the visa process more convenient for tourists. Be sure you carry empty space in your baggage or buy a new suitcase because you are going to get great deals during this season. We would like to give you a list of things to do which can enlighten you and make Singapore a perfect holiday destination for you and your family.

Low crime rate – The government has addressed the importance of Singapore tourism and has ensured low crime and low homicide rates. The government has laid down stringent rules and regulations for drug and alcohol abuse. Thus, the tourists and guests can go for Singapore sightseeing and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this place. For ten consecutive years, Singapore has been voted as the easiest place to do business. This makes it a perfect destination for both business and pleasure.

Tanjong beach club Singapore is home to one of the best beach bars. The cool breeze from the sea will create a tingling effect as the DJs play to entertain the energetic crowd who make the sand as their dance floor.

A perfect blend of cultures and traditions Singapore offers a great variety and diversity in terms of people, cultures, traditions, and cuisines. There is a reason why this place is called where East meets the West. Foreign tourists make up 42% of their population.

Green all around Singapore has a huge area covered by forests and greenery. It is home to around 50 parks and 4 major reserves. The world’s largest column-less greenhouse is in Marina Bay. A walk through this lush green environment would definitely refresh your senses. You would feel like you are walking through a theme park of plants.

Freaky Theme parks you will have to face the weirdest and freaky family theme parks. One of the theme parks Haw Par Villa displays cruel and horrendous tortures in hell. A woman who is being roasted in a volcanic pit displays a thief, a con artist which inflicts physical injury upon others as per the exhibit’s inscription.

Street Food for every food lover Singapore offers the perfect mix of cuisines from all around the globe. Hawker centers like Tiong Bahru and Maxwell Road line up in major destinations in the electric street fare in Singapore. The food served is very hygienic and you can be sure to entice your taste buds with the variety on display.

Pristine and virgin washrooms The Restaurant Association of Singapore ensures that the public toilets are maintained and kept very clean. So clean that you can even have food from the lid. The routine etiquette followed to maintain the freshness and cleanliness of the washrooms is simply worth watching and gives you one more reason to enjoy Singapore tourism.

Local conveyance at its best there are close to 30,000 official taxis serving the people. It is so easy and cheap to get a ride. You can be rest assured to go around without emptying your pockets. The local regulations laid down by the government ensure that all taxis are strictly maintained. You can go for Singapore sightseeing without any hassles and be rest assured that you are not being overcharged.

Timeless and world-class architecture the world’s three most expensive buildings are in Singapore. The Marina Bay Sands has a museum shaped like a robotic hand and a concert hall shaped like a durian. You would love sightseeing in Singapore with the wonderful structures all around.

Celebrations Calendar Being a country having people from various cultures and backgrounds, festivals and seasons of the Chinese, Indian, Caucasian, Malay, and other cultures are celebrated keenly. The Chingay festival is one of the most happening parties in the year. One more reason for you to fall in love with Singapore tourism.

Coolest Airport with world class facilities The Singapore airport has been voted as the world’s best airport in both consumer and industry polls. You would have endless reasons for not leaving the airport. You can relax and chill out at the swimming pool, sleeping areas, massage chairs, beauty and reflexology centers, outdoor nature trail, hawker-style food stalls, Movie Theater, etc. You would definitely pray that your flights are delayed more often.

Singapore Grand Prix Singapore hosts Formula One races in the night stretched over a period of three days, and the circuit runs through the heart of the city. Top artists and musicians from all around the world come over to perform. The view from rooftop bars is simply amazing and mind boggling.

Perfect ambiance and temperature the weather in Singapore is tropical and the temperatures are usually in the range of 32°C (90°F) and never dip below 23°C (74°F). You will never find the need to wear warm clothes. Not many places in the world have the perfect temperatures, where tourists and guests can chill out and relax.

Pamper yourself at a massage center

Singapore Tour packages are famous for their inclusion of body massages and spa treatments. Traditional fish spas and banyan tree spas are also highly popular. Massage centres and spas are available everywhere from five-star hotels to budget ones. Relax your body by getting a rejuvenating spa in Singapore.

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