So to celebrate the end of my 20s. I wanted to go through.

And put together a list of awesome trips that. I’ve done. And which, you could do.

So, this is 20 trips to take in your 20s. And hopefully it will inspire, you for your future travels. And your 20s your body is still very young.

And capable. And could take a lot more abuse from say high adrenaline activities. So it is the perfect time to do those.

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I’m talking bungee jumping skydiving jet boat Zorba, you name it there is a lot of fun crazy activities around the world that, you can do. So take advantage of the perfect time to do it euro trip, this is like a rite of passage for any 20 year olds is doing some sort of trip around various countries in Europe it doesn’t really matter which ones, you go to there’s a variety of fruits, but Europe is just set up for youth travel, you got hostiles, you got back back in routes, you got on. And off buses, you got full-on travel tours, you got trains, you got planes you’ve got everything, it’s super easy to travel around there’s a lot of 20 year-olds traveling around Europe.

So multi-day hiking trips. So, you don’t have to go far for this there’s probably a multi-day hiking trip in your backyard or somewhere near where, you are, but doing a trip where, you are spending overnight. And you’re camping.

And then you’re hiking. And then you’re camping. And you’re hiking is is.

So worth it, it’s exhausting, it’s grueling you’re gonna sweat a lot. And be dirty, but the views. And just just getting out into nature.

And being able to experience it firsthand is just. So worth it North American road trip this could be Canada or Guinea in the US or can be a mixture of Canada in the US, but doing some sort of road trip around North America however which way, you want, you can do it in a car, you can do in a camper band, you can do it in a bus, but going out. And experiencing North America on the road because a lot of its connected through roads.

And, it’s really set up for road tripping there’s a lot of camps. And provincial parks. And national parks to go visit in both Canada.

And the US Thailand Thailand is your beginner backpack travel central, it’s super easy to get around it’s so cheap. So, it’s perfect for us now.

I’m not gonna say poor 20 year olds, but a lot of 20 year olds you’re still making money, you don’t have a lot of it. So great for budgets. And there’s just a lot of cool things to experiences a lot of other travelers where around there whether, you do mainland Thailand or if you hop on over to the Thai islands which are super fun.

And tropical Southeast Asia backpacking now this encompasses all of Southeast Asia, but Vietnam Cambodia Lao Union Philippines Indonesia Bali, it’s all of it it is one of the most easiest regions to travel about everyone speaks English it’s so cheap there’s tons of information out there. And it is well-worn on the backpacking trail.

So there is a lot of other fellow travelers. So, it’s great if you are solu traveling. And you’re looking to meet people.

And make friends it is just such an easy beginner first trip to take if you haven’t taken it already a sailing trip or a boating trip or yacht week or island hopping however, you kind of want to form it. I’ve done it in Australia New Zealand. And Croatian Greece.

And any of those places are perfect to go out on just taking a boat out sailboat a yacht a dinghy. I wouldn’t quite use a dinghy, but just taking something. And going out into the ocean if you can do it overnight on it that’s awesome learn to scuba dive, but 70% of the world’s surface is covered in water.

So how can, you call yourself an explorer if you’re only ever exploring 30% of it we got to go down underneath the seat then explore the oceans your body is in tip-top shape for it. And it really is out of this world such a cool experience, you can learn how to scuba dive in many many places around the world that have coral reefs and, you should definitely do it as soon as possible Greek island hopping there’s a lot of different islands in Greece. And it is a perfect destination for anybody in Europe.

And anybody realistically around the world in their 20s there is lots of parties there’s a lot the beaches there’s lots of cool activities. And fun things to do on all the different Greek islands that each have their own flair we actually just finished the Greek island trip as my last trip. I ended up taking in my twenties jungle adventure and.

I mean jungle adventure now. I went into the Amazon, you don’t need to go in the Amazon there other jungles around the world in Australia in Southeast Asia in other parts of South America. And Central America, but getting to experience that type of biome is just really magical.

And hit it up in the rainy season because the rainforest in the rainy season is just magical. And alive it is a breathing living organism ski trip or snowboard trip now, you can go to Austria, you know the Alps, you can go in North America Canada u.s.

just heading into the mountains somewhere else around the world it honestly doesn’t even need to be somewhere in the world they can be in your backyard even will be a couple hours away, but going. And doing some sort of winter activities even if you live in the southern hemisphere try. And take a trip up to experience winter for a season culture shock now to me this was going to China is a country that is.

So different than what. I was used to here in Canada just the language the food the people the way things worked was a huge culture shock for me it really helps open your eyes. And your mind to see how different other people’s lives can be.

And how different the world is and, you start to understand it a lot better no 20s is complete without the obligatory casino trip Vegas Monte Carlo anywhere, you put it if just going out. And having a little bit of fun. And the casinos.

I feel like something we all get to do at least once lose a bit of money, you might win might win, but Cancun or Spring Break. I feel like both are the same, but going out. And doing that beachy party drinking party holiday Cancun is a perfect spot to do that because, it’s really easy to get to, you from anywhere in North America they’ve got lots of infrastructure and, you can also to other things that aren’t just drinking.

And partying, you can do ruins, you can go swimming with sharks there’s a lot of things to do Cancun, but, it’s a really good fun place to just go out. And how about a fun in your twenties big city New York London Paris Moscow anything, you anywhere, you put it if you’ve never been to a big city before taking a trip to experience the sights. And the sounds of city life, it’s definitely a must hit up on your bucket list of things to do in your 20s festivals your 20s is the perfect age to attend festivals there are once all around the world there’s arts there’s music there’s music.

And arts there is huge festivals small festivals, you name it they are super fun an awesome experience surf trip there are a lot of different places in the world, you can go surfing there’s cold weather there’s hot weather. I’ve done it in North America has done it in Australia. And New Zealand, but just getting out on the wave.

And learning to surf, it’s perfect time to do that, it’s in your 20s, you get to experience surf culture everybody can take all the pounding from the ways that, you were going to experience so. I did a working holiday in New Zealand and. I absolutely loved it.

I know friends. I’ve done study abroad. I know friends that’s.

And culture exchanges any kind of trip where, you can go to another country. And either work or study or live there long-term is such an amazing experience such a great life experience where, you make new friends learn new things now of course this isn’t an option available to everybody it is country specific spending on where, you are. And where you’re from.

And where, you want to go to Brandon’s trip. So whether you’re a group of guys or group of girls or group of couples or mixture of whatever doing a trip with your group of friends is so much fun that no matter where, you go or what, you do, but just heading out.

I’ve done. I’ve done many many trips with groups of friends and. I always love it, it’s my favorite type of travel solo trip no, you don’t have to go halfway around the world, you don’t have to go for six months, you can literally just be for a weekend out of state that’s what, you want to do, but doing something solo going somewhere solo by yourself.

And experiencing that place is really really liberating. And you so much about, you as a person.

And how, you travel well there we have it that is 20 trips to take in your 20s. I hope it is inspired, you to start planning your own trips also don’t fret if you aren’t in your 20s and, you haven’t done these trips because, you can totally still do them in your 30s. And Beyond.

So yeah age is just a number just a number guising girls so much for reading this post don’t forget to give it a thumbs up. And let me know it down below in the comments.

And of course go follow me on instagram. And comment to my youtube blog if you aren’t already, it’s for reading bye happy travels. ?

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