The workout world is changing. By 2026, experts expect that one-to-one personal training will take on a very different meaning, as 57 percent of us will engage with our PT from our living rooms via a TV or Computer. That’s according to a new study from UKActive, which also surmises we’ll be able to enjoy virtual-reality workouts with our favourite athletes, perform exercise sessions tailored to our DNA and wear tech-infused smart clothing that tracks your every movement.But will data-obsessed fitbies be lost in a world that relies so heavily on technological feedback there’s little energy left to tune into how their bodies really feel?Perhaps not. For Years, elite athletes have reached peak fitness with diet and training regimes based on genetic analysis, hormone levels and metabolic markers from blood tests. And genetic testing companies, such as DNAFit, are already proving personalised information can be a motivator to keep in shape. The technology-driven fitness future will, however, call for a change in the way that exercise professionals work. With the UKActive survey showing that 66 percent of us get our fitness fix at a gym or health club, leisure centres will have to work hard to keep our business as technology advances. Many fitness fans believe sports equipment such as anti-gravity workout rooms and training programmes that use biomarkers to track progress may pique our interest in training away from home. Time to hunt for an innovative gym now?



According to the UKActive study, one-in-five fitness fans use wearable technology such as smart bands to log their movements. Here are three of the latest device updates for 2016.

Fitbit Flex 2 (£79.99; fitbit.com) This next-generation Fitbit tracker boasts new smart features, such as a swim-tracking programme that monitors laps, duration and calories used. Super cool.

Garmin Vivofit 3 (£89.99; garmin.com) Garmin has enhanced this popular tracker by including Move IQ automatic activity detection, which automatically recognises whether -g you’re walking, running, biking, swimming or on the cross trainer. Smart.

Misfit Ray (£79.99; misfit.com) The latest offering from tracker brand Misfit, the § Ray band is so discreet and stylish that friends will never know it’s tracking your steps, 8 calories and sleep quality. You can even track your yoga with it.

fitness expert 1 A FITTER FUTURE


How health conscious are you? You might log hours and hours in the gym, but do you know your vital statistics? I’m not talking about bust, waist and hip measurements, but your body mass index (BMI), resting heart rate, waist-to-hip ratio, cholesterol levels, aerobic fitness, blood pressure and blood-sugar levels. No? Well, there are other statistics that suggest you should.According to the latest data from Nuffield Health, those people who have regular health and fitness checks are more likely to achieve their wellness goals. Analysing gym members over a 12-month period, Nuffield researchers discovered that those who had three health check-ups that year were 30 per cent more likely to reduce the number of inches around their waist than those who only had two check-ups. The experts point out that setting goals and monitoring progress is a key motivator for fitness fans. Speak to your local gym or health club about the tests available.

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