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Horseback riding is another activity which is enjoyed in many parts of the country, and is especially popular in western regions of the United States. Riding is not permitted in all parks and wilderness areas, however. Check with a park’s information center or headquarters regarding regulations and the availability of suitable trails.

In many parks and forests you’ll find bridle paths or equestrian trails for horseback riding. Other paths or old roads may usually be used as well. In addition, many hiking trails in the western United States are open to horses, which is much less frequently permitted in the eastern states.

Sometimes corrals or hitching posts will be situated next to good potential campsites, shelters, or other accommodations. Horse rentals are often available near or adjacent to a park, and occasionally you’ll find them right within park boundaries.

Horses can have a major impact on the wilderness environment. Care must be taken to assure that your horse doesn’t damage trees (which can happen when horses are tied to them), graze freely on wild plants, tear up the earth, or foul water sources.

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1780 The Ladies Association of Philadelphia is organized by Esther De Berdt Reed, the First Lady of Pennsylvania. San Diego Map Tourist Attractions The Ladies Association quickly becomes the largest revolutionary-era volunteer women’s organization, spreading from New Jersey to South Carolina and taking in more than $7,000 in gold, mostly by going door to door. The women provide crucial assistance to George Washington’s soldiers, much of which is sent by way of Martha Washington. 1782 Deborah Sampson Gannett becomes the first Country woman to enlist on her own in the Continental army. Dressed like a man and resembling the many adolescent boys who have been recruited, she takes the name Robert Shurlieffe (although various sources state his name as Shurtleff, Shirtliffe, and Shurtliffe) and sees action in several battles until she is wounded at Tarrytown, New York. When she is taken to the hospital, her ruse is uncovered, and George Washington himself discharges her in 1783. After the war, she receives a pension and travels as a lecturer, telling exaggerated stories of her military exploits.

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