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In the discount world, Alexander’s (Lexington and 58th Street) and Korvette’s (Fifth Avenue and 47th Street) offer low-priced clothes and cut-rate prices on appliances and records.

A really delightful addition to the New York shopping scene is the Citicorp Market (Lexington and 54th Street).

This version of a European 81 arcade features three floors of bright and varied shops, restaurants and cafes around a sky-lit patio. A shining 915-foot glass-and-aluminium skyscraper houses the market; it also shelters a revised version of the Lutheran church, St. Peter’s, which previously stood 82 on the corner.

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The reef top is covered in heavy kelp and there are sheer 20-metre drop-offs to a sand/stony seabed on both the north and south sides. This is not a very interesting dive site, amongst thick kelp and in a maximum depth of 7 metres, but there are a few boulders and rocks here, so a careful poke around may result in a crustacean for lunch. The area is rather more sheltered from the currents than most of the inside of Crumstone. With a little careful planning it is possible to combine this dive with the next. This is the position where the three islands of Crumstone are divided by narrow channels. The one which leads to the eastern side of Crumstone is rather shallow and has bits of wreckage strewn about on the bottom; care should be taken because of the moderate to strong current that often sweeps through it. The other gully/ channel to the south is a little deeper and leads out to the drop-off a few metres out. Any swell from the south or southeast creates a surge through the channel and it is best to avoid it during these periods. This is a first-class dive with a drop-offto 25 metres where the cliffwalls are absolutely carpeted in colourful anemones, including jewel anemones, Devonshire cup corals and soft corals. There are overhanging ledges with crevices covered in marine life and it is a great experience to glide down the cliff walls to 20-25 metres, feeling free as a bird, especially when the visibility is good.

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