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Africa in General

Hi there and welcome to Africa Safari Travel – An eBlog all about Africa and the popular safari’s around the continent.

My name is Daniel Hardie. travel and adventure writer and former travel agent. I love travel, it is my passion, a passion I wish to share with you whether for you that means African Safari, backpacking Europe, sailing, world wildlife adventures and a whole range of travel blogs.

Africa is a land that is large and diverse from top to bottom. With snow capped mountains, lakes, delta’s and deserts as well as its unique and interesting wildlife, it is easy to see why so many people want to visit Africa.

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It is the second largest continent in the world, behind Asia and not surprisingly Africa also has the second largest population in the world, making up almost 15% of the world’s entire population.

While Asia holds the record for the largest continent and largest population, Africa actually has the most independent nations within a continent. It has 53 independent nations residing over the continent, with the biggest country being Sudan and the Seychelles Islands being the smallest.

As the continent is so large Africa is divided by its locations under the categories of; Central, North, East, South and West Africa. Just to give you a quick idea of where the countries sit, I have listed below just some of the countries within the regions.

Central Africa: Angola, Cameroon & Republic of Congo.

North Africa: Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

East Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania.

Southern Africa: Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and of course South Africa.

West Africa: Nigeria, Mali, Ghana and Togo.

Africa is also full of history and is believed to be the origin of the human species. Anthropologists discovered fossils in the 20th century that shows evidence of humans and civilisations that could date back 7 million years. The majority of these fossils were discovered in Central and Eastern parts of Africa.

There is so much to see in Africa, it is virtually impossible to do it all in the one holiday. There are many cultures, many countries and many reasons for visiting each and every one.

But the real attraction for tourist is the wildlife and going on safari.

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