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I haven’t even seen a speed limit sign – what’s the limit? (don’t rely on your GPS unit – it has a blank through most of Wyoming for speed limit) To which he continued to be concerned about the efficiency of the situation stating, It’s posted, disappearing back to his car to return with my citation and his goodbye, Do you have any questions for me?

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Yes sir, what is the speed limit?

It’s posted. Do you have any questions for me?

For the record, It’s posted every eighty to ninety miles – I clocked it – and I swear, either between Jewel Cave and the time I was pulled over, the only highway speed limit sign was either knocked down during construction or it was at the exact moment the pronghorn were on the left side of the car, making us miss the single it’s posted speed limit sign between Jewel Cave and well past the point where I was pulled over.

The good news is that unless you plan on coming back to Wyoming, there is no option on the back of the ticket to request mitigation (explaining yourself as you admit you were doing whatever the officer said you were) – just a note where you can send your money.

I hope they use some of my fine to buy an extra speed limit sign so they can have two of them in the state of Wyoming by the time you read this warning.

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