Hey everyone we are off to the shops again. Because yesterday was a failure a failure 19 minutes walk away. So we’re going to walk there, and hopefully it’s cheap. Because last time I wore Florida that’s why we went shopping, and it was really cheap there another family loves shopping cool don’t worry we got lots of stuff planned for the next two weeks just two more days yeah to recover from the jetlag yeah. So we just like Walmart, and sorry to ran guys. But wow we were shocked at what we saw it was like we mainly came to get fruit, and veg, and there was pretty much all these aisles full of frozen food it’s frozen fruits, and lollies, and chips, and then there’s this little like a little buzz like a little what do you call it one like a little kiosk eating we just like put some bananas, and it’s modern that was no that surely can’t be the fruit stage. So we looked around for more on that was it looks like nothing.


So we have not been empty I don’t know. So now we do it again a way to go, and we’ve kind of place the whole permits, and it should sell for a bench. So walking there now let’s go take an hour fingers crossed it’s a little bit better than we’ll check in. But I think we looked at the map properly has been lost between my half hours anything today oh it is war we did this walking shop. So we afternoon was pretty much we we walked to Walmart we found up the food at Walmart was crap you don’t know me the types of shops – yeah we don’t know yet if you have any recommendations tell us in the comments please we went to Whole Foods. So good after a two-hour walk to haul greens through just Hawaii we finally got there, and it was amazing it was so cheap, and we managed to get you know or fruit vegetables, and organic stuff I think we’re sorted for food for the next two weeks, and I just want to sleep, I’m so tired yeah we won’t sign off just yet cuz he’s being very boring.

But mostly. Because we walk we’ll think of something to to ender alright guys, I’m just gonna end the post here. Because all we’re doing now is writing some blog posts you didn’t know we run a travel blog the nest. So yeah we could have catch up on that we had some for the rest of the week yeah check it out flying when I stopped TV you should check it out you want um yeah it’s so tomorrow we’re gonna wake up really early full of something gets up, and we’re gonna go check out how Harbor. So we’re definitely blog that yeah, and that’s it sorry I guess we’ll see tomorrow yeah we’ll see you guys tomorrow All Right see ya all right gotta find the nest why the nest on TV.

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