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Hello guys. And hello Laura hello. So Laura and.

I are just about to head to a stirrer damn with British Airways right now we’re basically to explore how to have the best summer ever. And how are we going to do that by eating lots of food by eating lots of food let’s go hey Laura yes are we are gonna be Amsterdam. I think we made it to Amsterdam yeah we have, this is the poor life choice.

So. I’m about to try. And waffle to trying to crunch your waffle.

Amsterdam Netherlands Photo Gallery

And in the center of it is it. I believe, it’s a care about just phenomenal tension, you see they’re like little mini pancakes that are made with flour. And buckwheat.

And then they kind of got a light icing on ice, but, you can also put Sarah actually look at the inside kind of more of like a dough we are painting yeah, but very sweet do, you want a pancakes right now we’re just exploring the marketplaces here it depends there’s lots of different food vendors. And random item vendors. And more food, it’s great.

So. I’m drawing a traditional dish here called raw herring, it’s slimy, it’s very fishy like. I’m not incredibly pass about food, but that was it was like eating a roll slap of fish like, but not sushi fish not like nice fish like if you were to go to the fish mongers pick up a fish indisputable that’s what it was like seriously see these children everywhere, it’s like a savory Pete peanut sauce the wonderful Bebo aka the bed dick fishing.

So hamburgers that come from the wall like a vending machine. I don’t know what to get here Laura, it’s very fascinating Toto has good taste look at, you two fries yeah hostage rolls like this little bit of curried beef soft like soft the middle looks like a mug of mashed potato that’s been deep-fried or on the outside. So on trying to sing the beautiful canals understand on a boat row.

And yeah canal cruise, it’s pretty fun. So right now we are just having a lovely day beer on one of the many brunch places that, you kind of find an amplitude M. So this one’s called mums, it’s really cute.

And, it’s got all this amazing like quirky street art on it. So, you kind of find this a lot in Amsterdam’s people chilling outside while the trees of the canals, it’s really nice. I like it looks like cafe culture just sitting.

And reading. And enjoying they say amazing. So, this is basically an apple tart, but as, you can see the apple chunks are actually quite a Polly is quite like full of apple chunks there really cold really cold tart we got the apple bits very very fresh.

So. I’m time bitterballen it is a very traditional Dutch dish it looks like deep fried balls and, you should build with like a gooey meaty Center buster alright guys it is the end of our last day here in Amsterdam our only day. I hope you’ve enjoyed a taste of all the different various foods because.

I know we enjoyed it sorry maybe a bit too much enjoyment. So yeah thank, you guys so much for reading.

And thank, you Laura for joining me now Frankie okay don’t forget to comment, you will see more posts like this. And put, you got Laura cuz you’re the man of thing Oh guys. And hello Laura hello.

So Laura and. I are just. ?

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