Bristol England here in the UK guys gals we are exploring in. And around the city of Bristol for the next 30 days.

I can’t wait to explore. And find out why pursuit is kind of a hidden gem. And we’re gonna be doing some really cool fun funky stuff, this is day 1, this is our first stop, this is Brandon Hill we’re going to go up cabot tower to get an overview of the entire city Bristol.


So he just walked down from Brandon Hill. And the Cavett hour. And now we are on the Christmas steps as we are continuing our walking tour of Bristol we are just kind of exploring some of the streets, this is a really cute street fine is the Bristol Cathedral that is absolutely gorgeous, this is such a landmark in the city here.

So we’ve started the Sun a note yes leave let’s go since afternoon we are exploring spike island which used to be an old tea factory. And now been transformed into a bunch of creative spaces. And artist houses my father moved here about 25 years ago.

So. And then it became home to my over 70 artists 80,000 80,000 feet yeah huge, it’s quite a lot the old printmaking equipment they’ve got some beer machines then people can come. And just use the space.

And make their own work. And, it’s really extraordinary, it’s hugely popular, it’s one of the biggest prints to use in the country a pop yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah let’s do it we’re now traveling along the North Street which is home to up this which just finished unfortunately we just missed it it it is Europe’s the largest precedium street art festival it takes place right here in Bristol on the street you’re going to walk along. And see some of the art pieces that all the artists from around the world have come on a scale of things that.

I am SuperDuper excited for vegan junk food takes the cake Matt are, you stoked. I’m pretty stoked any kind of drug food is okay with me. So many choices.

I don’t even know what started but I think. I would idea though what do, you got is a deep Oreo.

And medium free change oh. I’m like a little kid in a candy shop right now because. I never get to eat these kind of sweet this one is because, this is like a chocolate hazelnut what Matt Oh your sisters help me out on this because.

I mean like. I could try to eat go for the myself but I feel like.

I go oh hello there welcome to our accommodation. So the next couple night we’re staying in a retro rocket here at Brooks guest house come on in let me show, you the inside of our retro rocket it’s so cool LED light that we can change colors, but it gets better let me show, you our Rockets here Brooks guest house are on cheri just joking these are just the taster.

So we’re trying to figure out what of the many many Belgian beers that they have there are 11 pages of drink options here that is actually the cutest beer taster. I’ve ever seen so. I’ve got it mumbay Aldi which is a vegan take on a Turkish inspired eggplant dish, it’s basically like an eggplant lasagna we also have veggie pakoras which are huge so.

I’ve got a jerk chicken with sweet potato. And mango as, you can see though. I’m not really sure where the sweet potato is if, it’s the purple stuff is sweet potato usually purple we are going on tour, but upstate walked into our 8th Street Art Walk.

And tortoises where the walls Bristol Street Art Tour we are going to be learning about the history of street art here in Bristol because there is a lot of artists that come here. And do work on the wall including a very famous one that was actually from here called Banksy stencil artist, you might have heard of him he’s everywhere so. I were to look.

And now before 2006 Bristol City Council had a zero tolerance on any street art painted in. And around the city on there listed. And historical buildings, but by 2006 banks had made a name for himself yeah this piece of artwork is the first piece of bamboo lism to be legalized by a UK local government council ever the kind of let them slabs in for a bit more than, you expect it.

So what they have to do from 2006 onwards to start support industry are a bit more cuz they start to realize that, it’s a tourist attraction that’s where, you guys are all there. And they start supporting a bit more by putting on different events different festivals exhibitions start to fund it a little bit. And make new wall space available for a lot of these artists ok now, it’s lead us to Stokes Papua there’s tons of times at different straight art all over all around this area, it’s a huge artists hub.

And, it’s kind of, it’s an older regional district in Bristol. So they have a lot of freedom on the buildings they have a lot of freedom to paint that’s why, you see tons of the street art all along the streets here. And why, it’s a hub for street art because they have less restrictions on the type of work.

So tonight we are eating at the number one Harborside restaurant if, it’s literally at the harbour. And it is one of the many funky bars. And restaurants all around Bristol that we’ve been trying out in experiences.

I have been. So pleasantly surprised by the amount of local independence restaurants. And bars with an operable variety of food selections.

And as a vegan, it’s been amazing to see. So many vegan vegetarian items on the menu. I’m excited we’re done tonight.

And. I’m excited for a few more pints of this lovely Bristol we are about to jump on board me Matthew which is a reconstruction of the ship that John Cabot sailed in 1497 crossed the Atlantic which he originally set off to find a quicker route to the Orient. And all this places in India.

And said found into the Newfoundland supports part of Bristol history or part of history. So we don’t have to go very far for our lunch we are eating at cargo which is a group of restaurants. And shops that are in cargo containers now there’s cargo one which is the original cargo behind me.

And cargo 2. So all these shops are independently owned there no chain restaurants. And they all offer like a whole variety of unique foods to eat which we are gonna try some.

So for lunch we got a samosas chest to share. And and onion bhajis inside, this is not a samosa there’s a couple different Chinese in there it looks awesome we just got off our hop-on hop-off bus. And we have arrived into clifton village which we are going to explore some of the cafes.

And the shops. And see what else there to do in this part not for stole through the giant cave, but underneath the observatory here on suspension bridge it should give us a really cool view George Jones Cape. I don’t know without that, this is not a can for Giants, this is like a brainy beam.

And. I’m like five before as, you can see by me, this is the Royal Crescent it is a stunning example of Georgian architecture. And it was rumors should be one of the longest terraces in Europe.

And trying to avoid the rain, it’s it’s going my friends it is coming oh we are back in our hotel room, this is the mercury still Grand Hotel it is where we spent the night last night. And again this night. And we are just going to kind of chill.

And relax for a wee little bit before we get ready for tonight going out again tonight we are at the Lido right now. So, it’s a swim spa. And restaurant although.

I think. I might be skipping the spa because. I’m super super food we’ve sat down to have dinner here at the Lido overlooking the pool.

I’ve earned these meals three-course meal though we’re going to have very good shall we start off some bubbly oh yeah Cheers of course number one especially a lot going on here that’s the stop right there at creme brulee crema catalana just happy golden. So which is a from a fishing style bar there’s actually a couple is. I’m here in Rochelle like a 19:20 19:30 themed bar where, you have to like ring a doorbell to get a black one large lock door with no signage.

And abort. And like a bellman common like gets, you to bring, you up here it was not like Marc draping the prohibition style sorry Bristol, it’s been an awesome 3 days exploring. And we’re really funky fun city, but we are now on a train heading back in time Jenny.

So I’ll see, you guys. And enjoy the train ride. ?

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