Arlington Travel Guide For Tourist: Map Of Arlington

Whether you are heading out for a road trip, going on vacation, need to plan the perfect tour or just want to know where things are in Arlington, our map is perfect for you. Find out more about these activities and examine the map above!

Map Of Arlington

Arlington is a city located in the Greater Dallas metropolitan area. It is bordered by Richardson to the south and east, Fort Worth to the north and west, and Grand Prairie to the southwest. Arlington is also home to George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Arlington National Cemetery.

Quick History of Arlington

Arlington is the county seat of Arlington County, Virginia and one of the largest cities in the Washington metropolitan area. The city’s population was estimated to be over 267,000 in 2015 and it covers an area of 43.1 square miles. Arlington was founded in 1751 by George Washington, who named it after his father-in-law, the Duke of Argyll.

Today, Arlington is home to numerous government agencies, businesses and institutions, as well as a large military presence. Some of Arlington’s most notable landmarks include the Pentagon, the Kennedy Center and Mount Vernon.

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Biggest Attractions

Arlington is an affluent suburb of Dallas that is home to numerous tourist attractions, including the Texas State Capitol, George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and the Arlington Convention Center. The city’s most popular tourist attraction, however, is the Dallas Cowboys NFL team.

What to Do in Arlington

Arlington is a bustling city with plenty to do for tourists, whether you’re looking to explore the art galleries and museums or soak up some of the local culture. From shopping at quaint boutiques to savoring fine cuisine, here are some of the best things to do in Arlington.

1. Tour Arlington’s iconic landmarks: Visit the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, and The White House. These sites offer a fascinating glimpse into American history and architecture.

arlington travel guide for tourist map of arlington 8 Arlington Travel Guide For Tourist: Map Of Arlington

2. Enjoy beautiful landscapes: Take a walk or bike ride through Clarendon Hills, The Arboretum at Dealey Plaza, or George Mason Memorial Park. These areas offer stunning views of Arlington and the surrounding area.

3. See Arlington’s vibrant nightlife: Head to The Ballpark in Towncenter for a game of baseball or catch a show at one of Arlington’s many theaters. There’s always something happening in this lively city!

4. Discover Arlington’s unique culinary scene: Sample delicious dishes from local restaurants in Rosslyn, Courthouse, Tyson’s Corner, and downtown Arlington. There are also several international restaurants in the area that will satisfy any palate.

arlington travel guide for tourist map of arlington 7 Arlington Travel Guide For Tourist: Map Of Arlington

Things to Do in Arlington

Arlington is a city in Northern Virginia and is known for being the home of the Pentagon and Washington, D.C. It is also known for its many shopping malls and its affluent population. Here are some things to do in Arlington if you are visiting the area:

– Visit the Pentagon, which is the largest office building in the world. The building has been featured in many movies, including “Top Gun”.

– Take a walk through Arlington National Cemetery, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Washington, D.C. The cemetery contains more than 450 graves of famous people, including George Washington and Robert E. Lee.

– Tour one of Arlington’s many shopping malls, such as Tyson’s Corner or Courthouse Plaza.

– Check out Arlington’s many restaurants and bars, including some of the best places to eat sushi in Northern Virginia.

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