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If there is a pleasurable and healthy way to explore a place, that is walking. Nothing can beat the experience of walking at your own pace, stopping anywhere you feel like, capturing candid scenes through that fabulous camera lens and breathing in the joy of getting a closer look at things that you might otherwise have missed if you were travelling on a vehicle. It is no wonder that some of the greatest travelers of yore, be it Fa Hein or Hentasang, discovered some of greatest secrets of the world when traveling by foot. While it may not be a feasible option to walk from city to city today to discover places, it is possibly a great touring option when exploring a city as busy and as enigmatic as New York.

One big advantage of walking through the lanes of the Big Apple is that you get to experience every facet of life here. You can walk past a busy bee rushing to the stock exchange, a bunch of co-workers enjoying a meal at one of the several open-air restaurants, and of course, curious tourists lined up to enter the Empire Estate. If you wish to walk through calmer streets, then step into the serene neighborhoods of New York.

Walking tours of New York City can be customized to suit your tastes. If shopping and food goes hand in hand for you, then finish a ferry tour to Ellis Island and step into China Town and the East Village. You can simply get lost in the large variety of food and fabulous souvenirs you can find in these two places. These streets of New York are shrouded by a comfortable, laid-back feel, rubbing off a relaxed mood on their visitors too.

Those interested in history, the two places that you can explore to your heart’s content on foot are Harlem and Five Points. Seeped in historical happenings like the Harlem Renaissance, these places near Manhattan have been witnesses to changing times. Today, they are home to a few government administration buildings, courthouses, Columbus Park and Foley Square to name a few. Five Points is situated close to Chinatown. So if you are looking for walk that has a mix of history and tasty food walk into Five Points and walk out of Chinatown.

For those who enjoy American literature, there’s one walking tour of New York that can be an absolute delight. The cottage of Edgar Allan Poe sits in bucolic surroundings. As you walk through the rooms where he spent his last days with his wife Virginia, you are sure to feel the power of this great poet’s pen that created some of his greatest works like Annabel Lee and Eureka. Closer here is the celebrated town of Greenwich that houses a dozen sites associated with celebrated author, Mark Twain. There are those houses that he lived at in the early 1900s, and the several sites that have been immortalized in his works. And then of course, there’s the much prided Hyde Park that houses the Roosevelt and Vanderbilt historical sites that stand testimony to the great political history of New York.

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