Avoiding Scams Why Im in Canada More TRAVEL QA

Well hi there blog, it’s time for another Q & A that’s right, this is a Q&A post where.

I’ve gone to my various social media networks. And asked, you guys. And girls what, you want to know.

And then. I answer them let’s get started first up is Instagram blue rich expose your ass do, you speak any other languages if not how do, you get around everywhere, you go well. I do not speak in yoga any other languages.

Avoiding Scams Why Im in Canada More TRAVEL QA Photo Gallery

I speak a little bit of French because. I learnt it here in Canada in school, but basically. I use a lot of basic phrases like hi hello how are, you which way to that how much.

And then a lot of hand movements. And gestures if. I am going to a country where there’s not as many English native speakers or the language barrier is a lot more difficult than normally I’d buy like a phrase book or just like something that.

I can. I have on me. So um.

I need a translate on the go really quick, but actually surprisingly, you can travel in very many places very many countries around the world with only English because people generally understand approximately what you’re looking forward to seeing how leg asks what do, you recommend the most traveling with a suitcase or backpack. I think it depends on the trip that you’re taking. I think heavily depends on what the trip is because some trips.

I take a suitcase because. I know. I’m not really gonna be pushing my luggage run that much.

And not gonna really going to too many places back. And forth and. I know there won’t be that big of a difference between from getting to my accommodation.

And like the airport for transit and. I took a backpack if. I’m going on a longer trip or if.

I’m going where. I’m gonna be needing to carry my stuff around with me more or. I’m gonna be doing a little bit more rugged expeditions or a lot more walking to accommodations cuz.

I’m doing it a more el cheapo away um, this is kind of like a follow-up question as fairbrother’s asked have, you ever done a Contiki yes fourteen of them actually. And hard suitcase pros. And cons compared to a soft.

So when it comes to Kentucky’s or any kind of group tour. I would say hard suitcases. And Rolly suitcases, you really don’t need a backpack on any kind of the group tours generally the transportation is organized pretty like close to your hotel that’s one of the benefits of being in a group tours if they can literally bring the transportation like the bus to the front of your hotel.

So, you don’t need to bring a backpack and, you don’t need like a Rolly bag is perfectly fine for any kind of trouble like contiki ease or anything like that Thomas J Dobson asks fights are expensive in Canada yes they are they’re ridiculous expensive in Canada how would. I save as much as possible on a trip to Asia. And Europe one of the biggest things.

I did when saving is well two of the biggest things. I did when saving was one was stored up my accommodation so. I moved back in with my parents so.

I could save on rent oh my gosh if you were renting a place if you have the option to move back in with your parents or maybe get a roommate or figure out how to pay less money for your rent that is a huge way, you can say about a bunch of money in a short period of time another option is selling your stuff do, you know what stop, you have, you probably have a ton of stuff, you are not using electronics sporting goods clothing random objects that actually quite valuable ladders that’s right, you have some ladders in their garage sell them all those things add up to hundreds of dollars no joke. I’ve saved four trips by just Craigslist ik a ton of my stuff. And, it’s brilliant because.

I don’t have to get another job and. I don’t have to move anywhere literally just get rid of stuff. I’m not using Becky Roberts seven eight ninety asks do, you ever want to have company when traveling or prefer traveling alone um.

I, it’s a bit of both to be honest. I really as. I’ve been traveling for a while now for a long time.

I’m starting to really really want to travel with more people with more friends then when I first started traveling when I first joggling.

I did a bunch more solo trips. I did a lot more stuff by myself now face of a Charlie. So long.

I don’t want to. I’m at the point where like. I want to share my experiences with people and.

I and. I enjoy the company. And.

I’m more comfortable with my traveling that. I can kind of like navigate us as a team through wherever we’re going. So that’s we’re met now.

And Serve asks how do, you prevent the locals from deceiving, you quoting extreme prices success. So uh yes uh, it’s not good. I don’t use term scamming because a lot of places locals will charge foreigners a higher rate um it is not much, you can do about it to be honest the biggest thing.

I would say is maybe talk to people that aren’t in a tourist area is about what the actual rate, you should be charged for things, it’s something, you just kind of got to accept. And and know that yes as a foreigner you’re probably going to be paying a little bit more for something the same goes in your hometown probably if somebody was vacationing or visiting your hometown they’re going to be staying at the touristy restaurants which are higher price or they’re going to be doing activities like tourist activities which are higher price than they’re probably local activities, you know, it’s just this happens everywhere as a tourist, you are just going to pay more than a local that’s why there is so much information.

And like trying to get the local deal of the insider tips etc, it’s just, it’s talking to people asking around that’s, it’s a whole lot of that but I just accept it and. I try to just find out the price beforehand like learning how to barter.

And bargain. And negotiate is a huge skill as a traveler that, you need to perfect. And your traveling experiences not like shelling on the first price.

And just kind of getting a sense of approximately what it will be the second part of this question is. I think, it’s oppose me how how do, you get enough sleep when, you are constantly skipping time zones. I honestly feel like my body’s just adjusted to it, it’s just like used to just being completely.

And totally out of whack. And uh jetlag rarely affects me the only time it really affects me is when I am going from North America to Europe.

I find that the hardest time. So, it’s like specific time zone to European central time zone. I just end up waking up or really early at like 4:00 a.

m. And it sucks there’s not as much.

I can do, but that’s the one that only really affects me not going backwards. I’m not going to Asia sometimes when I just go even just three hours like if.

I’m just getting to from limb from specific time zone to Eastern time zone. I have a little bit of an issue with that time zone. I just end up not being able to fall asleep until a little bit later which is not a huge deal, but my body never really knows what time it is actually it just it sleeps when it needs to sleep.

And everything else is kind of squished in between that JM w 777 asks since you’ve seen many parts of the world why do, you stay in Canada not trying, it’s a power by the way. And would. I ever consider moving why.

And where. I have a moment ablaze before. I moved to New Zealand.

I moved to London before. And there were amazing trips fantastic and. I will probably do several Moeller trips.

And moves abroad at the moment um. I’m just comfortable. And cabs at the moment.

I put my family. I’ve got my cats. And, it’s nice to have a little bit of break because there’s a lot of work that’s involved with what.

I do a lot of work that’s involved with the travel posts. And also like. I do my sponsored posts where my sponsor posts help fund my travel posts.

So thank, you if you’ve been reading those posts. And any time. I do a sponsor post thank you.

So much for supporting me with that for liking it if you leave a comment on it. I really really do appreciate it because those posts those posts help me fund my travels help me do this full-time. And without them.

I wouldn’t be able to do this as a full-time job. So, it’s kind of like a give or take. I try to balance it as much as.

I hand on my blog with doing sponsored content. And then doing awesome travel content and, you need both of them to succeed as a youtuber. And that’s just not that’s not just like me saying that that’s like every youtuber there is out there to balance this, you need to do a bit of sponsored and, you need to do a bit of your own stuff.

And that’s how, you have this symbiosis of things that work together. So thank, you if you do watch those sponsor posts and, you support me for those. I appreciate it, but to do all those.

I need to kind of have a home base and. I do that here in Canada. And, it’s been really great because.

I’ve been travelling for. So long. I mean.

I’ve been travelling and. I’ve been on the road since 2010 that’s a long time back. And forth.

And constantly travelling multiple trips a year it can get a bit tiring and. I’ve said this before in other posts that never ever ever want to take travel for granted and. I always want to be excited about each.

And every single destination that. I go to. And if.

I’m constantly on the road if. I’m constantly traveling. I lose a bit of that excitement and.

I get a bit tired. And then my content suffers. And myself like physically suffers a bit.

I mean like, it’s tiring on, you and. I end up just not being in the right mindset that. I have and.

I might not be enjoying the place that. I’m visiting as much. And when.

I’m not enjoying the place. And visiting as much then. I’m not showcasing it properly to, you guys.

And gals that are reading my posts and. I never really want to get to that point so. I think, it’s really really important as.

I continue to do this full-time as a job that. I have balance and. So balance in doing like home time in Canada where.

I can produce these type of posts these sit-down posts these advice posts which. I know that you’ve been enjoying. I know, you guys really really appreciate the type of ice posts that.

I’m producing so. I hack. I could do those.

And then. I can go off. And do my travels which are coming again in the fall on that note there are a lot of questions that.

I get in regards to my job how I did this full-time how to be a travel vlogger how do me a travel postgrapher. And if you were following my blog a few months ago, you know that.

I launched a eCourse. So it is a full-on professional eCourse that myself. And my fellow trouble postgrapher friend Kristin Sarah put together, it’s part of a superstar blogging school with nomadic Matt he’s one of the top travel bloggers out there it is an amazing course we’ve had such great feedback from all of our students we have over 60 students already registered in the course.

And we’re getting more. And more each day. So.

I’m gonna leave the links down below in my description and, you can find out more about the course that we’ve put together, but there is a reason. I’m not answering my post specific questions. I’m not answering the super technical aspects of how.

I do certain things as a job. And and all that because. I have answered them.

I’ve done literally ten-hour course on all the information that’s involved with doing travel posts. And being a travel blogger in this course. So if you are interested I’ll leave the links down below, you can check it out.

And find out more information about that s rosie 21s do. I recommend any destinations for a first time traveler. And why.

I highly highly recommend New Zealand or Australia for a first time traveler New Zealand was actually my first big destination it is the perfect destination one if your native language is English, it’s English too everyone is super frigging nice three, it’s not too big like, it’s not crazy big or overwhelming, it’s just the perfect size three they have weight. I think. I’m on four four they have amazing travel.

And tourism infrastructure like they’ve got amazing great hostels they’ve got great Airbnb hotels every option of accommodation possible plus the transportation system. So there’s hop on hop off buses there’s full tours that, you can take that they organize everything. And five, it’s just an amazing amazing country that, you can literally do.

And see everything, you want to so. I highly recommend New Zealand first time traveler New Zealand. I mean Australia is a little bit like that as well, but New Zealand hands down Twitter Amanda.

So Amanda twenty-eight Mouse ears asks how do, you mean I love your posts Thank, you Amanda do. I have any advice for travelling with friends like cost itineraries etc um traveling with friends is a whole other ballgame because, you need to learn the art of compromising because, you will shortly realize that every single person you’re traveling with one has a different idea.

And plan of what they want to see. And do in each place that you’re going to. And to has a different.

I would say stamina when it comes to traveling. And that’s a hard one to get to because. I’m like an energizer bunny when.

I travel. I can literally walk all day. I can do a ton of stuff.

I can go boom a little boo boo boo. And and rack up my entire day full of stuff to other people can do like one or two things max. And then they’re tired they want to sit down.

And if they do any more than that then their experience is not really going to be that enjoyable for them learning where everybody is stamina is in the group is very important. So you’re not pushing people too hard. And they’re not enjoying themselves.

And you’re not slowing people that really want to be like hitting a bunch of stuff up each day. And. I’m doing that.

So if you can break up into like you’re a big group, but try. And break up into many groups that always works to kind of determine each of your paces. And then don’t be afraid to go off.

And do your own adventures like really don’t be afraid to leave your group of friends you’re traveling with. And go into your own adventure for a day if there’s something, you really really want to see. And do just go do it because you’re gonna regret you’re going to regret it if you don’t also huge huge tip here is get a sharing app a cost sharing app there are two that.

I heavily recommend one is called receipt ninja, you can get that on Android devices. And the other one is called split wise it will change your life they are apps that will keep tallies in multiple currencies of all the things that, you are spending on your trip like and. So if one person can pay for a whole meal.

And then, you can like tally it all up and. So at the ends of your trip, you just have to like settle, you can settle the bills at the end when, it’s all done with. So you’re not dealing with like trying to settle each single bill all the time because money is gonna be a huge issue when you’re traveling with friends.

So get a money splitting app links down below if you needed more information all right Facebook Karen Caesar asked a very tricky question all right Karen Caesar Rembrandt live chat ask, you what to tell border control if you aren’t sure how long you’ll be in a country. So first off, you need to know how long you’re gonna be in a country that’s, you can’t just unfortunately, you can’t just go to country. And be like.

I’m just going to stay fry to know how long there are limits regarding. So depending on what passport, you have. And what country you’re from there are time limits of how long, you can visit each country.

And all of that varies don’t go past that time limit it is very very bad, you will get deported or worse don’t do it a lot of times in lots of countries mainly like in South American countries. And smaller countries they require an exit ticket Australia for example requires an exit ticket meaning that, you have to show that, you are indeed planning on leaving the country u.s.

requires an exit ticket. So, you need to have approximately a time of course, you could always change it. So if your schedule changes, you can push that ticket back or push it forward that’s why, it’s good to get a a like a changeable ticket.

So, you might have to pay a little bit more, but, you have that flexibility to change your ticket and. I have been stuck at airports before literally having to buy a return ticket last minute literally in front of the ticket agent buying myself a ticket leaving the country because. I didn’t know this going in.

So please please please check that country that you’re going in if you have to have a exit tickets. And what the time limit on that, you can legally stay in the country for Maria Dominus what tour group would, you recommend for someone thirty years of age there’s a longer bit of this question, but. I’m gonna answer that question so.

I’ve traveled with many different types of tour groups contiki is an amazing tour group if you are. I would say between eighteen. And twenty seven twenty eight they go to thirty-five, but it depends on the trip there are different styles.

So the budget trips of Cadiz tend to be a lot more geared to younger travelers. And the more higher-end the more like premium product they have a more like slower pace a more superior tore those tented to gear more toward the older age group the higher end of the bracket another really good one is intrepid they gear kind of more tour that middle of that like twenty five to forty year old range maybe. I would say the maxim is probably on the forty five-year-old level.

I think that’s kind of, it’s the middle range, you do get some younger and, you do get some older, but that’s a really good one for that aside from that. I’ve done a lot of Vai tours those are kind of buried because there’s no age limit or or thing for that so. I think it depends what you’re going to in what region do a lot of research generally, you can kind of get an idea on the website where they’re what their target market is.

And if you fall in their target market like there time it looks like, you then you’re probably going to be okay on that tour all right so. I’ve answered a lot of your questions. I hope you’ve gained some insight on that because.

I try to be as helpful as. I can to, you there was a lot of questions so. I can’t possibly get to all of them but.

I hope that the ones. I did answer are kind of insightful. And have helped, you in some way or another thank you.

So much for reading this post. I don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog for more tips. And advice.

And q. And A’s. And unda.

And travel posts. I do a lot of stuff on my blog. So comment to it, it’s awesome and.

I will see, you guys it goes again in a few days time with another post bye. ?

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