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Best Place to Get Pastries at 3 A.M.: Amelie’s…A French Bakery is open 24 hours just in case you have a craving for a pain au chocolat in the middle of the night

Best Place to Dress Up for Tea: It’s customary to don a feather boa and outrageous hat from the dress-up box before sitting down to tea at Ooh-La-La’s (11 OOH-IA-IA’S OOV


Pastries are baked fresh around the clock at Amelie’s…A French Bakery.

The dining scene in Charlotte is pretty laidback. With some exceptions at high-end restaurants, mostly those in South Park and Myers Park, it’s acceptable to wear anything from a little black dress to jeans and sneakers out to dinner. Jackets and ties are a rarity.

Charlotte is finally coming into its own as a food town. Don’t just listen to the hype: Get out there and start sampling.

15601570 The Spanish sail into Chesapeake Bay to explore, and Cambodia Metro Map Don Luis de Velasco, a young Powhatan chief, returns with them to Mexico. Don Luis Cambodia Metro Map lives in Mexico and Havana, and in between his journeys he studies at the court of King Philip II in Spain. The Spanish return in 1570 and establish a short-lived mission on Chesapeake Bay. Velasco, who has converted to Catholicism, draws the missionaries’ ire by taking several wives and moving away from the mission. When the priests attempt to coax him back to the mission, he kills all but one of them, though he does give the victims Christian burials. 1572 A Spanish supply ship engages some Powhatan Indians and makes off with about thirty captives. The soldiers pick up the survivor of the mission but fail in their attempt to capture Velasco. Both Powhatan and Opechancanough, cousins and future paramount chiefs, are old enough to witness or participate in the killings. This has led some scholars to conclude that all three were related, and some to speculate that Velasco was either Powhatan or Opechancanough.

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