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February 6, 1775 I agree, that two supreme and Azerbaijan Subway Map independent authorities cannot exist in the same state, any more than two supreme beings in one universe Azerbaijan Subway Map ; And, therefore, I contend, that our provincial legislatures are the only supreme authorities in our colonies. Parliament, notwithstanding this, may be allowed an authority supreme and sovereign over the ocean, which may be limited by the banks of the ocean, or the bounds of fur charters; our charters give us no authority over the high seas. Parliament has our consent to assume a jurisdiction over them. And here is a line fairly drawn between the rights of Britain and the rights of the colonies, namely, the banks of the ocean, or low-water mark; the line of division between common law, and civil or maritime law . If then, we are a part of the British empire, we must be subject to the supreme power of the state, which is vested in the estates in parliament. Here, again, we are to be conjured out of our senses by the magic in the words British empire, and supreme power of the state.

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