BACKPACKING Packing Guide Europe Southeast Asia

Welcome to another back packing packing post, this is my second back packing packing post that.

I’ve done my first one was more trekking. So for like heavy outdoor adventure plus it had all my camera gear. And this one is specifically for a more beachy more city scaping general travel style that, you would find in Europe.

And Southeast Asia. So yeah. I’m going to take, you through what.

I would pack for a two-week or longer backpacking trip. So let’s get started. So, this is the backpack.

I recommend it is the Osprey Farpoint 70 meaning it is 70 litres there’s also a smaller version which is 45 or 55 litres, but that’s a little bit too small for me can. I pack a lot of stuff, but if you are a lighter packer then that might be more suitable for you, but Osprey 70 is great the reasons why. I love this backpack and.

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I highly recommend it is because for travel it opens like a suitcase it opens like a suitcase. So when, you are packing, you can just put all your items here. So it’s.

So easy to pack. And unpack it makes life so much easier when, you are on the road the main pockets lock.

So, this is a locking it has holes to put a lock through. So, you can lock up the main compartment of your backpack also very important for security next reason. I love it is because well these are the backpack straps which are super comfortable, but when, you are transporting it in airports it has this slap this like protective flap that puts all of your buckles.

And your straps. And hides it away making it. So easy to transport, it’s fantastic the last feature of why.

I love this backpack is a feature that. I don’t actually have is because there is a separate detachable carry-on bag that, you that comes with this backpack that acts as a day bag my mom is actually boring for her trip in Europe, but, this is another day bag it kind of looks very similar to this there’s also another hospira backpack, but it has a detachable day bag. So, you can kind of detach or attach your day bag on there.

So this would be my day bag, it’s a very small typical day bag that. I could take on any kind of treks or travel adventures that. I go on now, you might not want to have a backpack like that a bit add a bag like that if you are say traveling Europe or even in Southeast Asia depends on your backpacking style.

So here are a couple other options that. I like to bring depending on where. I’m going now if.

I’m going to Europe. I usually like to have some sort of nice or purse because people dress up and. I like to be a little bit more fashionable in Europe.

So what. I would bring is either a small purse like that which has a strap that. I can strap across my body like.

So if. I want something that’s a little bit bigger then. I would bring slightly larger size purse again with a body strap and.

I could strap along myself like that always want a body strap if you’re carrying a purse. So that’s just an option for, you you know if you don’t have a bunch of camera gear and, you want something a little bit more. I don’t know stylish for your European backpacking adventures in Southeast Asia if you’re traveling in Southeast Asia, you don’t necessarily want to have a big bulky purse big bulky purses don’t really fit in in Southeast Asia or any beach locations.

So a lovely. I don’t even know what these are called hippie totes much called that, but, it’s a, it’s kind of like a sarong Begg sort of situation. So, it’s nice, it’s flowy, you can keep all your stuff in there just make sure it has a zipper always make sure any day bag that, you have.

And that you’re carrying can go across your body. And that it can zip up. So those are our kind of three options that we have and, you can customize again depending on where you’re going.

And how much stuff want to carry with, you during the day all right now moving on to general packing gear first thing a small umbrella because it rains around the world next off wilderness wipes or, you can use these are basically like baby wipes these are amazing when you’re feeling gross. And disgusting, you want to like wipe your body off great. I’m just an extra little sax that.

I can put stuff in next we have is a, this is a waterproof cover for your backpack very important because water is bad. And then. I have my microfiber microfiber towel so.

I have two of them this one is a full body towel. So these are quick dry antibacterial towels fantastic for travel because they dry really quick. And they’re not big.

And heavy. And it will take a ton of room in your backpack um so. I have one.

And that’s for like beach. And body so. I like to have a separate towel for my face because.

I’m washing it multiple times a day and. I want to make sure that the towel is really clean because my full body towel that can be used at the beach as well. So flashlights pretty important when, you are staying in hostels or dorms heavy duty bug spray bugs mosquitoes are awful every Duty bug spray very important.

I got some general locks to lock up my bags, this is a Swiss Army knife. So just a journal pocketknife, this is emergency cord. So like, this is like rope cord that, you can use if you ever need a tie anything up, this is like travel utensils fantastic because sometimes a lot of times you’re eating on the road or, you maybe, you don’t have a utensil Hey look now, you do.

So, this is my pack safe travel security cord. So like a heavy-duty wired uncuttable cord that. I can wrap around.

And string my backpack on if. I ever need to leave my big bag anywhere. I never leave my smaller bag or my electronics unattended, but sometimes, you have to leave your big bag somewhere.

And if you don’t feel safe, you can basically tie this up to anything. And string it through put a lock on it. And your bag is safe.

And secure laundry powder, this is double bags powder laundry because. I know. I’m going to be doing washing on the road.

I don’t like liquid because liquid is likes to spill places. So powder is great for that. I have a spare pillowcase that.

I like to you. So if. I don’t have a pillow and.

I want to make shift the pillow by stuffing stuff in there that’s great for this um a laundry bag, this is just a mesh bag to put my laundry in when I do my laundry now. I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to Footwear because.

I hate having the wrong Footwear if my feet are not comfortable that if. I’m going to be walking all day. And traveling.

I’m not going to be very happy to not be a comfortable person so. I like to make sure. I have always the proper footwear for any kind of travel that.

I might end up doing. So, this is my selection let’s go through these options first off flip-flops, this is essential for anything any kind of travel because showering in hostels you’re going to need a pair of flip-flops daily walking shoes. So these are like my.

I’m going out venturing these are the shoes. I’m going to wear all day long traveling now if. I’m in Southeast Asia.

I might not need these shoes, you really don’t, you can get by with most of your travels in flip-flops in Asia but I still like to have a pair of solid walking shoes next off is a pair of running shoes or fitness shoes. I like to do activities.

And trust me there are going to be opportunities when, you have activities to do. So a pair of fit issues are important now when, you go out in Southeast Asia nobody really wears heels, you can bring heels, but most people are going to be in flip-flops so. I like to bring a pair of nicer sandals that.

I can wear if. I was going out um for the evening or clubbing or finding an event etc now if. I was going to Europe in Europe people do wear heels so.

I like to bring a pair of wedges. I always bring wedges they are the most comfortable most versatile shoe and. I just can withstand being packed in a backpack whereas regular shoes oh not always.

So much purses now, this is kind of like an evening going out purse or clutch that. I could bring if. I was if.

I’m going out in Europe or if. I’m going out in Asia, you always want to have some sort of going out bag or purse or clutch, you can take with, you sunglasses because, it’s summer. I like to bring two pairs of sunglasses.

So first. I like to bring a pair of summery kind of like plasticy Beach sunglasses. So these are sunglasses that.

I’m going to wear if. I’m going to the beach or if. I’m doing activities sunglasses that are like a little bit more.

I don’t know less fancy a little bit more rugged. And the second pair of sunglasses. I like to do are a little bit more of a fancier sunglasses a little bit more nicer if.

I want to, you know have a cute outfit or something. I like to have one like beachy sunglass one nicer sunglass you’re going to need two pairs of sunglasses in Asia. And in Europe in the summer time.

So then. I have a little jewelry bag. So, this is just like a little bit of jewelry that.

I’m going to bring. I don’t bring like to bring a ton of jewelry, this is obviously subjective to how much jewelry, you want to bring but I like to bring it like a couple rings couple earrings come necklaces just so.

I can like like mix. And match. And make, you up but.

I like jewelry Julie just spices things up, but none of them are like expensive items are kind of like mid-range depending if. I’m going to Europe. I’m going to be bring a little bit more jewelry if.

I’m going to Southeast Asia. I’m bringing like almost no jewelry you’re really not going to be wearing jewelry in Southeast Asia at all. And of course.

I’m going to bring a hat. I love my travel hats travel hats are so freakin versatile for.

So many reasons clothing time yeah, this is the fun part all right first things first is a comfortable lounge hoodie wet shirt jacket basically, it’s just a comfortable sweatshirt that, you can wear. And be a scrub in. And be really comfortable.

And warm but I usually travel in this so. I wear these on the airplanes all the time because, it’s freezing on airplanes, but, you definitely want one of those next off we’ve got bathing suits all right.

I definitely. I bring two pairs of bathing suits with me on my travels one is a more sporty ER bathing suit. So something.

I can do like scuba diving snorkeling jet skiing adventure sports another one is more of a lounging poolside beachside bikini that’s more fun. And colorful we’ve got ourselves a pair of pajamas. So just a pair of comfortable shorts.

And a three dollar Thailand t-shirt Javad so. I just like to sleep in that so. I have about four pairs of socks here because if.

I’m going to Asia that’s probably all. I mean because. I’m wearing flip-flops most of the time if.

I’m in Europe. I might want to add one more pair of socks next for both Southeast Asia or Europe. I like to pack a pair of beach like a beach outfit now, this is going to be a very lightweight loose kind of like a pair of shorts.

And a nice like shirt, this is like a fun colorful beach outfit when I pick my clothing you’re going to notice a theme of synthetic materials. I try to avoid cotton at all cost cotton is just not very good for travel so.

I stick to things like polyesters because they just dry so much quicker. And they’re.

So small like they can lunch up. And they can pack away so much more easier than cotton skin then

I will typically pack one pair of long pants. I like to keep it lighter colored jeans. I do like a pair of jeans they’re really valuable in the evening it can get quite cold in Europe you’re going to be wearing jeans, you know in the evenings quite a bit I’d like to keep it to a lighter color not go super dark that makes it a little bit nicer, but not white you’re not going to want white pants because white is just awful for any type of backpacking really next is shorts so.

I like to do three pairs of shorts so. I do well these are all G shorts. I don’t really have an issue with jeans shorts because.

I just find them the most comfortable, but I’ll do three pairs. And a black pair that can kind of be a little bit more dressy up. And and then to gene pairs which are a little bit more casual if you are traveling in Europe and, you want something a little bit nicer a little bit fancy, you can be brave.

And bold. And go with a white short instead of one of the jean shorts, but in asia mmm stay away from whites because they will not stay white for very long if you’re backpacking in Southeast Asia next. I will typically do about three regular t-shirts.

So these are just plain everyday t-shirts plus the one that. I’m currently wearing. I am wearing a outfit that.

I would pack. So another one of my plain typical t-shirts as well as black leggings the staple for any traveler black plain leggings. So, this is an outfit that.

I would pack with me all my travels, but. I’m wearing it because, you also need to wear an outfit when, you pack next. I like to have a couple nice tops or like evening tops or just like nicer looking tops, this is another one that could also be a beach top just a nice cute sleeveless again light weight light drying easy to pack.

And then something a little bit more summery something more fun just. So if. I want to dress up or wear something a little bit nicer one of my biggest things in Asia.

And Europe are rompers. And like one-piece outfits these are so amazing.

And versatile because, you can dress them up, you can dress it down so. I typically like to bring what to summery like romper dresses. So, this is just a typical just a one-piece romper easy.

I can wear the beaches. I can wear traveling Asia Europe, this is another, this is like a cute little summer dress again dress it up. I can dress it down.

I can wear it to the beach. I can wear it out traveling Asia or Europe next. I have more like evening dressing up dressing down another just colorful lightweight like polyester style dress.

And then. I go to longer romper. So, this is a full body length romper it’ll go all the way to my feet up.

And then, it’s kind of got like a spaghetti curse trap there so. I can dress this up. I can dress this down.

I’ve worn this a million times. So my travels. And, it’s fantastic now if you’re going to be going to Southeast Asia, you are going to need something called double pants because there are lots of temples.

And when you’re there, you need to cover up your legs, you have to be covered your shoulders. And your legs have to be covered. So, you can buy these in Asia.

I have a pair with me from my Asia trip, but they look like these they look kind of like MC Hammer pants. And they’re really like light. And they’re kind of really cool and, you see them everywhere in Asia, but, you definitely need a pair of long temple pants to wear when, you are when, you are traveling in Asia.

And Europe, you don’t need temple pants, but in Asia, you do. I also like to bring a nicer long sleeve shirt now, this is a shirt that. I can wear out like.

I can kind of dress up or. I can dress down, but usually a flannel or a like jean style. I guess.

I think, you can call it this like a jean style jacket works fantastic, you don’t really need this in Asia, but, you could bring it, it’s really warm there most the time. So you’re not really going to be in long sleeve shirts but I like to bring it regardless because.

I don’t like being cold next we have athletic gear so. I like to bring a pair of like black shorts to do kind of exercises or any kind of activities in plus I’ll bring two different sports bras. And an athletics shirt.

I only need only usually bring one athletic shirt because they are super easy to wash again lightweight material washable material you’re seeing this theme everything is super easy to wash. And lightweight. And then

I go on to my undergarments. So here are a couple of them these are my bralette bralette are amazing they are so light.

And comfortable. And they pack great as a backpacker all right now we move on to beauty products AHA all right first things first is a mini hair straightener ladies mini hair straightener um because we don’t like to look complete scrubs on the road that’s kind of important um hair dryer now, this is kind of AA personal preference if you’re going to be staying a little hotels. I wouldn’t bother with a hair dryer there’s going to be hair dryers there if you’re staying if you’re going to assault East Asia you’re probably not going to be blow-drying your hair because there’s.

So much humidity they can blow-dry it. And, it’s just going to get kind of wavy anyway regardless of what, you do so. I wouldn’t really worry about it if you’re going to Europe them a blow dryer is quite nice if you’re staying in hostels.

And stuff because if you like. I don’t know blow dry your hair if you’d like nice hair styled hair personal preference, you can kind of Judge depending on if you want one or not, but yeah probably air dryer next. I have my toiletries bag now.

I’m not going to go with through what’s in here because. I made a separate post talking about my toiletries which. I will link down below there.

So, you can go watch it next. I have my first-aid kit. And my makeup bag now.

I’m not going to post what’s in these two because. I have two separate posts for my first aid kit. I’m a makeup.

And what’s my makeup bag. And those are coming out this weekend so. I will leave the links down below which, you can watch them in a few days time next up.

I have kind of like more gadgets. And these are typically things that are going to go into my day bag. So a water bottle water is important stay hydrated a cellular phone also important.

I have my cord, this is a power pack. I always like to carry an extra charge for my electronic device, this is actually called Robocop. And it is a emergency siren.

So if you are, it’s a safety device. So if you are traveling by yourself or something. I don’t want to do this on camera because, it’s actually like, it’s 120 decibels sounds like an ambulance, but basically if you pull this tab an alarm sounds.

And then, you can just like put the tab back. And alarm set quiet. So if you’re ever like if you’re in a sketchy situation or, you know, it’s a safety thing, you can just pull it alarm will sound huh, it’s just scare away people, but yeah.

So carry that around if you were if you want to feel like a little bit more safe when traveling next we have my notebook. I always carry notebook with me. So a notebook we have my laptop.

And my power cord for my laptop now if you don’t need a laptop for like heavy-duty editing or other stuff bring an iPad bring a tablet there’s no reason to bring a big bulky laptop if all, you need is really a tablet when you’re traveling. I also like to bring an external hard drive because, you want to be doubling up on all of your photos. And posts that, you take, you don’t want to lose that.

And yeah so. I like to have make sure. I have double photostory like external hard drive for all my photos.

So, this is just a pair of heads headphones nice simple Apple head earbuds. I carry on bigger headphones again personal preference. And how big of headphones, you want to carry, this is a charger for my camera point-and-shoot camera.

And if you’re, but if you’re like me obviously like. I said. I went through more in depth my camera gear in my previous packing post adapters.

I always bring two of those those are multi-country. So they’ll go both Europe. And they’ll do Asia.

And they’ll do North America they’ll do every country always get those multi adapters that have multiple plugs my passport. And my passport case. So a passport holder or passport case plus all my important documents that.

I need with me Alma travels by Oh then this goes on what a little spin like this all right. So there, you go, this is what. I wear on my travels and, this is how.

I look on my travels complete with my hand’d. I know turtle de bag all turtled up. And.

I’m ready to go. So, this is how a backpack Southeast Asia. And or Europe.

I hope, you enjoy this post if you did please give it a thumbs up. And don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog as. I make tons of other travel advice tips hacks packing posts as well as other trouble posts alright happy travels bye.

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