So begins the great Polynesian road trip we are currently heading from Bali to East Java which is like a heck of a drive, it’s a total of nine hours assuming we make good with our timing we’re actually on our way right now with the bike we’re going to a ferry.

So that we can cross check out my ride like really ridiculously loud kind of makes me want to change mufflers down on my bike at home but I don’t want to be that guy at it we just like wakes everyone up in the neighborhood. So it looks like they’ll be much of a sunrise.


So we’re going to keep going because we’re worried about rain getting up to the waterfalls let’s go. I just noticed my bag are really heavy because the bag that was supporting underneath just fell off the bike problems behind hey Rob got it how’s it doing jitters the cameras over again yeah there’s nothing too valuable in there since clothing. So.

I’m not too worried about it doesn’t work oh right now we’re driving through we got rights terraces on one side the ocean on the other, this is just spectacular in Southeast Asia when you’re outside of the city I’d say the biggest danger of the road is the fact that big trucks. And even cars drive in the oncoming lane they actually use it assuming that motorcyclists will move to the side. And make room.

So that essentially they can use both lanes of traffic. And, it’s not very safe motorcyclists are definitely like they have a second right to the road the first right goes to the bigger vehicle and. So in this case there was an oncoming truck.

And Rob how to put it into the dirt by the sounds of it or he pulled off the road. And loose gravel here. So we split a little bit but.

I think, it’s just a bit of a cut which is pretty lucky, it’s nothing too bad right behind me there’s literally a full family of monkeys. I see about 15 of them just reading hello guys. And now his jeans were not like that before the fall.

So we’ve just reached the entry to the ferry. So we drove three hours all the way here support only to find out papers we were given for our bikes were forged they’re not real and. So they won’t let us take the bikes across we’re totally screwed there’s nothing, you can do.

And there’s no place that, you can rent another bike or another car around here we’ve we’ve called everyone they’re either sold out or it like just doesn’t happen because, this is a very local area no tourism here we’re basically in a position where we just got to go back. And call it quits, you know. I had a really good time because the sunrise this morning was beautiful, but ultimately, this is just travel not everything goes as planned, you got to roll with the punches more oh we are going to rebound very well we’re going to go to Lombok it just means there’s another opportunity to come back.

And see java talk to smile we both read it from different vendors. And we both ended up with the same result they both gave us big papers so. I don’t know if that’s common practice it seems like it is morale could be a little higher.

I just ordered chicken they put it in the like little paper. I take a bite out of it. And.

I’m like really cold but I swallow it. And then afterwards.

I’m like oh what if that was raw chicken. I think it was boiled so. I should be okay.

I don’t think i’ma getting these eases, but that is the end of a very long day. I came up with a really cool scooter gang name, you ready for it yeah, you ready Rob yeah. I’m ready getting t-shirts printed all right well because there’s, you know four huge widths or but.

I was thinking we call ourselves the supersaurus Victor squad thank you. I like that really be really because. I seriously am happy now about my boat would be a little bit a little bit rest, it’s nice yeah it could be hop on our scooters back again in the morning we are just in some no-name little hotel that’s are in cost us about 35 for the night including extra bed it would have been like 25 if we hadn’t got the big bed.

So super affordable, but yeah we’re calling it quits here guys we got to get up at again like 3:15 a.m.

So another early morning see, you then it is 6:20 a.m. we made it on the ferry they didn’t even check our papers this time which we literally went all the way to get them, but always good to know that, you should ask for the real papers because apparently in Bali they like to give, you the fake y’all take a photo those got about a three hour ferry ride if.

I’m not mistaken go all the way east to Lompoc which is the neighboring Robyn sometimes the unexpected adventures are the best one so. I have high hopes for what’s happening, you have just arrived here in Lombok about three. And a half four hours later and.

I cut an entire post. I’m feeling good about life that was an absolutely incredible ride. And we have beautiful highways like, you can definitely tell we’ve left Bali we had.

So much room to ourselves just like ripping it down that road. And like, you could see for. So long because all there is is like flat green field there was some mountains in the distance and.

I could see the occasional temple in the horizon, but there’s definitely not nearly as much development here in Lombok and. I don’t think. I’ve seen another tourist.

So far no other Westerners at least. So check that out Lombok actually means by it. So, it’s like the island essentially Indonesian culture.

And especially in Lombok its traditional that, you eat with your hands. So. I’m using my cutlery but.

I shouldn’t probably should embarrass myself more in the culture but I just have a hard time eating rice in my hand. So why, you has just told me that the meal Rob ordered is like level one spicy meaning like quite low on the spicy scale, but he said that like Rob’s not gonna be able to handle it.

So. I’m going to film it. I’m going to give, you an authentic reaction as Rob digs into his meal let’s grab it oh very very special for your handling is.

I think this was listed as hot. And they also had extra hot. And they also had extra very hot.

So couldn’t allow that could’ve been worse double extra. I mean like he’s sweating yeah probably yeah. I think give her a couple minutes.

And he’s going to be like in the hospital okay the ambulance now the tip of my tongue is like fire alright. So we’ve been driving now for about an hour. And we’re in a very like rural part of Indonesia here Lombok is completely different than Bali we have not seen a single tourist or entire time here.

And that’s a great thing like to be able to leave Bali. And experience something completely different as the experience the real Indonesia that’s what, it’s all about. And, it’s cool like, you see, you guys working in fields some of them carrying massive hay bales or grasped bales on their back, you see the women balancing things on their head, it’s really cool.

And my ride here making getting around that much more enjoyable. I definitely recommend getting a good bike when, you come to Bali. I’m really missing having Cohen to help me carry my stuff right now normally, it’s Laura or a plus-one try to carry everything on my own anyone want a job comment down below okay.

So we came down this really windy single lane road it wasn’t email lane it was just dirt gravel really loose gravel at that and, this is the incredible beach that you’ve got down here, this is one of the best beaches, you can come to in Lombok surrounded by mountains, it’s almost in a horseshoe shape you’ll see that once they get the drone up right it looks like a pyramid just jutting out of the ocean. And the waves come crashing in on it. So beautiful we’re gonna get something to go on the tip.

And we’re going to get a photo of it, but because he’ll just like blend in with the background get to wear a white shirt Instagram tips 101. So how is learning traveling with all instagrams and, this is the osteon to showing us around here in Lombok and, you do Instagram right yeah yeah that’s awesome until you’re, you live in Lombok yeah oh very cool. And.

I’m mark yeah since you’re going really awesome. So yeah once again we’re so fortunate to have someone who’s local shows around bitch yeah what’s the name of the speech the messy bitch the massive it okay is that the sometta Beach Oh there’s no better feeling to riding your bike during sunset the colors are changing for perfect, this is amazing.

I’m just covered in dust deterrent eat my dust was taken literally here. I was trailing before guys. And so.

I got the worst of it we’re in the parking lot. And like, this is like something out of a movie there’s a family of water buffaloes walking by there’s like a over there. And there’s a bunch of people like selling stuff madness check that sunset over there don’t get too much of one because the cloud by.

So everything. I said about no tourists being here still somewhat true we drove through what. I assume is like the downtown side and.

I saw a lot more hospitals. And backpackers which is a great thing. So everything still anyone want that job just gone to our Airbnb.

And we’re going to be staying here for one night I’ll see, you guys first thing in the morning they want to do sunrise they come in what is up guys. And welcome to the editing cave, this is where the late nights happened. And the long hours are put in, this is essentially how.

I’m able to reach millions of people doing the thing that. I love if you’re curious about the behind the scenes to like all of our travels if you want to see the true. And raw tips that we have for getting around in the destinations we visit or if you just want to see how we manage this company how.

I go about running the day-to-day then you’re going to want to check out crashcourse, you Oh. ?

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