Being a Tourist in Venice Italy

I have a love-hate relationship with Venice it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But the problem is everybody knows it.

So originally Clinton I had the idea of posting a very cultural post today. But instead we ended up meeting a couple of Instagram girls. So rather than running from the crowds, and tourist attractions like usual we decide to embrace the chaos for one day, and have a little fun we meet up with our friends, and well-known instagramers Renae, and Stephanie to learn how to shoot Instagram photos in Venice like a pro. So today it’s all gonna be about behind the scenes of Instagram models in Venice enjoy, and here’s what I learned first stock up on any personal items you’ll need stuff on different that money.

Being a Tourist in Venice Italy Photo Gallery

So they can buy water now we have water then you gotta stop pharmacys top got two locations scouting is key, and luckily the whole city of Venice is like one live Instagram studio three always travel with someone who’s willing to take your photo for you did you know that there is more registered Instagram husbands in Venice than anywhere else in the world next crowds are irrelevant you can Photoshop them out later number five always be checking on your work no matter who’s reading six be vegan. But it’s Italy. So that’s easier said than done, I’m doing your job you’re eating a pizza behind can we just get your weird you’re standing in a corner in the shadows you’re happy about it seven you got to get on a gondola there’s no Instagram photo in Venice if you’re not on a gondola it’s the main attraction here, and although it can be expensive, and the canals can get crowded it is something I recommend doing once eight if you really want to take your Instagram shots the next level rent one of the vintage looking water taxis for sunset, and after dark this is hit five seats motor looks like 47 photo first I took like quarter photo what’s up let’s try it again Venice Italy we’re on a beautiful little water exactly cold-blood oh my god gotta be careful.

Because a key must do, and number 10 please don’t ever take yourself or Instagram too seriously, and be sure to stop, and look up every once in a while. Because this place truly is beautiful when you lose your friends you FaceTime them, and then walk instead of walking into the Sun like I am yeah turns out when we got to go oh wow talented learning from the best things going on here, and this guy that’s the mood of all once an Instagram husband he just ran out of steam poor guy.

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