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Many, if not most, of the dead were buried Berlin Metro Map in mass graves. Their bodies were transported by truck and unceremoniously dumped into 20-foot- Berlin Metro Map deep (6-m-deep) trenches dug by earth movers and dirt-covered by bulldozers. Most casualties were Haitian civilians, but many foreigners and Haitian public figures also lost their lives. Among the dead were tourists, aid workers, embassy staff members, and others in the country to help the Haitian people. The toll included nearly 90 United Nations (UN) workers, including the mission chief and his deputy. Some 200 people died in the collapse of the Montana, a hotel popular among foreign visitors.
He and Wendi both confirmed at least one or two guests passed while at the theater. One such tragedy occurred sometime between 2004 and 2005, during a performance of Oklahoma.

The gentleman was sitting in a front seat in the lower balcony with his family behind him. Sometime during the performance his head slumped forward. His wife and child thought he had drifted off to sleep. Sadly, it wasn’t until after the performance concluded they discovered he had died.

Since then, there have been several reports of voices, strange sounds and footsteps in the lower balcony. Unfortunately, neither Ken or Wendi know this man’s name nor the names of others who have passed while at the theater.

The most recent account of paranormal activity happened in November 2009. The theater had scheduled a Native American dance troupe.

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