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Pass Castle Street and turn left down Preston Street, taking Best business USA the fourth left turn into Regency Square. This is one of the most impressive areas of the Best business USA city architecturally, with so many fine buildings (though it has to be said, some of them could do with a lick of paint). Staff of the Regency Hotel here report seeing an old woman, possibly a former landlady of a lodging house on the same site, in the Regency Suite, and occupants of the suite have spoken of a young woman who rushes towards a window and vanishes.

It is believed she was a cripple who was afraid of gas lighting and jumped through the window to her death, leaving her clogs behind! Proceed from here down to the seafront, passing the Royal Sussex Regiment memorial statue, and turn left into King’s Road. You soon pass the massive Hilton, where a waitress preparing a table in the Cameo Room saw a tablecloth and its contents shoot about ten feet into the air and crash to the ground. Babies have been heard to cry here even though none were present.


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