Hey guys Hey we have just packed our bags, and we’re heading down to get them to hold our bags. Because we have a whole day in Paris before we jump on the train to Prague tonight we decided we’re going to go on Instagram mission, and go, and find all the spots that we want to take photos in here in Paris, and take you guys with us to show you some good spots you can take photos in purse sounds good sounds good. So we’re gonna go do that now we alrighty guys the first place we’re going to get photos is of course the Eiffel Tower things are so close first place we’re going to is the big green grass area which is right in front of the Eiffel Tower, I’ll show you when we get there ambi yeah we just came out of our hotel, and still can’t get over how close we are to it we’re not coming into the big park next to the Eiffel Tower no City go find a good spot to take a photo of this thing. So you can always take the go to touch of the tip the Eiffel Tower photo as you can see people are doing right here the only hard thing about taking photos in Paris is you’re definitely not the only one here wanting to take photos this park is full of people. So I think it’s inevitable you’re always going to have people in these shots here in Paris. But when I see photos of the Eiffel Tower with no people in it, I’m like how do they take that that must be photoshopped.


But as you can see there are a ton of people at the park, and we are currently taking our photo tee, and taking photos using this little miniature Eiffel Tower, and kind of show you some of the shots man getting okay that’s a cool idea having like a little crop these are only you can buy six of them for one euro they’re all around the side of the streets people selling them that are I do think this is a nice spot there’s a better spot though for the Eiffel Tower we’re going to after which we’ll show you guys. But seeing as we’re so close to the park we thought we’d come here first how we’ve come to the carousel, and taking a photo of the carousel with the Eiffel Tower we’re trying to get a shot that looks kind of like what, I’m showing you now yeah it’s really pretty spot, and some really yummy crepes here they make delicious crepes here in Paris all right we’ve come to another spot to take a good photo of the Eiffel Tower and, I’m really bad at speaking French, I’m so sorry. But I saw a side. So I can tell you guys where it’s called it’s called the Jardin du trocadéro I don’t really know how to say it. But, I’ll show you how you say it it says it on this can you see it says my garden do Trocadero, and people take some really cool photos of the Eiffel Tower here. So we’re going to go, and take some now drink a nice to the right let’s Jardine’s droid dropping arrow, I’m not too sure. But let’s take some more photos of this thing, and here we have beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower see it’s a good spot oh really good spot.

Because you can actually see the bottom to the top really easily we’re taking our little photo with our little Eiffel Tower statue can you see that they’re not steamed you just go to the Eiffel Tower you wrap what do you think that’s good spot hey I also like the grass I like the grass as well for like selfies the selfie spot you know, and a little thing where they go you’re not even nearest to you uh nope yo you need to go that way use the subway there you go we gotta go. So now we are just catching the metro, and heading to the moon. Because we got some good photo spots there as well mmmm all righty guys it made it to Louvre, and we’re going to go in, and take some photos yeah take some photos of the pyramids here at the Louvre, and our fingers cross there’s not too many people around. Because last time we were here there were. So many people who didn’t even bother trying to take a photo dropping the covers already this is the photo we’re wanting to get here where you can see the archway small pyramid big pyramid, and building behind it we’re just waiting for people to move. So we can then take a Foley. But I think I know a good one this hallway here is actually.

So beautiful it looks like, I’m something from Harry Potter that that is such a beautiful shot also what about tour guides when we were cycling around um Paris showed us an entrance to the Louvre where you don’t really need to line up you don’t go through the pyramid to get in you go through another way, and after we take our photos I might take you over there, and show you guys where you can get into the Louvre with barely any light the lines here ridiculously long we’re going to try, and get all the tips for you such a beautiful building it goes from this end right around if you can see behind me all the way to that end it actually used to be the palace where the King lived before he built the site, and I think the pyramids here are quite modern. But I think it really goes with the whole area I love the pyramids I think it’s a really nice touch to the building got some funny robot on the arm pyramid cleaning it we’re thinking we’re guessing it’s cleaning it. But that’s pretty interesting I guess you never really know how they how they cleaned that glass. Because it does always look. So nice yeah Stephen, I’m just saying how Danny Eric in the building goes really well with the pyramids I think I like the pyramids do you I do like it. Because it makes them iconic Italy is polar opposites. But I think it kind of looks cool like that how you’ve got the glass here actually Amit I think this is one of my favorite buildings the pyramids against the old jump you don’t have to store down students there’s an Apple store downstairs what, and inside here if you’re not too sure the loo holds a Mona Lisa which is pretty cool on this side yes I want to show you guys where this 8th entrance is ice 2 shot here in the Louvre you ready Cleo you’re gonna be my model for the photo.

So yeah come on. So you find these beautiful podiums which are here from one purpose, and one purpose only quikrete. So these are what the podiums are here for, and what you do is you stand on there you got to get one leg out wait there you go you touch on a tip, and that’s how it’s done that’s how it’s done dick did you pose yourselves bleh we’ve only ourselves play. So the iPhone 6 takes pretty good photos these are some shots of the Louvre they look pretty good welcome this is the shot there Stephen trying to get his shot waiting waiting for you oh yeah just waiting for everyone to move away it does. But that’s sorry beautiful I love the loo. So pretty usually the lines really long here at the Louvre, and we’re just coming over to the Pyramid entrance, and look how empty it is there’s literally this little line usually they’re like going through all this section. But it’s really quiet today.

But, I’ll still show you guys where the other set for the other entrances where there’s no lines. So over there is the pyramid where most people line up. But if you come down this little passageway which is to the to the right of the big arc here arch sorry. So to the right of the big arch there is this stairwell, and down here is another entrance to the Louvre that not many people know about, and there are never lions literally this is an entrance to Louvre. So if you come on a day that’s really really busy, and you don’t mind not going through the pyramid come down here, and this is the entrance to the building where the Mona Lisa is. Because there’s three buildings, and you have to pay each individual building. So this is probably the one you want to pay to go in it yeah.

So that’s the right side yeah. So yeah you can just walk straight in, and as you can see it is empty we are no saloons no we might yeah I know I told you guys we’re going to Prague nine days later were actually finishing up back in Paris, and that’s I think when we’re going to come inside the loo we just want to go take photos we’ve come downstairs to show you guys what it looks like. Because there’s a pyramid here upside down see really cool all servers or shops in here, and stuff as well. But um oh there’s the Apple store, I’m gonna go look at the new iPhone again I know you want to it’s pretty cool then there’s the roof outside for every Instagram mission you need Oreos we found the Mona Lisa you know fish Alesi yeah you can visually say you’ve seen it yeah Melia delivers free there is the love lock bridge. But it no longer has looks on it. Because it was completely falling apart, and they had to take all the locks off it. So actually at this bridge here, and we know this down the end they’ve actually started putting some locks on it.

So we’re going to go check it out, and see if we can get a photo of these locks, and no we’re not putting we’re not putting our own lock on here. Because I don’t know if they’re going to start taking it all down he’s this lock I like it their names are coming off a little bit idea that’s really cute we call to get on engrave oh this is engrave Leo, and Elena oh wow they’re like full-on got one meat there’s so many I would love to have seen what the actual love log bridge look like that are hopefully they don’t take this one down let’s see how long it lasts. But I guess it makes sense if uh if the bridge starts yeah this isn’t on the bridge especially off the bridge on the side. So hopefully they keep this one up. But it does make sense if the bridge is starting to fall down, and they’re gonna have to do something about it. But um yeah see there’s a bridge here, and then along the side is where all the locks are little along there as well it’s not 330 we’re running out of time a little bit. So the last place we’re going to go to before the train station is we’re going to jump in the metro, and go to the art Tryon to try out the big arch we have actually been the Orsino we’ve seen it in the distance we’re going to go there now, and then from there take some photos, and then go to our hotel grab our bags, and then go onto our train to Prague which is an overnight train takes 18 hours to get there.

So we’re catching like maybe three hours I think it is to journey, and then from Germany we leave at midnight, and we get to frog at 10 a.m. and it’s an overnight train, and I think we have some type of bed that we get to sleep in we’ll see what it’s like we’ve never done these overnight trains before. But it was cheap. Because then we didn’t need to book accommodation beautiful little bit flag in the middle yeah that’s cool around the arch is this insane roundabout there’s not even any lines marking whether the car should go. So this looks like a mayhem, I’ll show you like how do they even know where to go it’s so weird three four five seven maybe eight lanes all unmarked trying to go around goodbye Paris off to Prague let’s start this 15 our journeys alrighty nice our training twenty-nine how nice is this train oh. So nice, I’m very hot from going up a little stairs how much like room, and stuff we go, and then we got a little table oh honey do you take madam please being banished bye-bye bronze oh it’s so excited ready for a long.

But it’s not fast we’re going right now 265 Londoner, I’m just a z8 excuse it’s going up this is so fast oh my gosh oh. So we’re going to get there. Because we have a transfer in Germany they’re going to monnet, and they’re Steven editing some of the lobbies getting some work done a hungry that’s for get someone in there okay okay this one’s hungry as well waiting for some food from the belly we’re in Germany for an hour, and a half, and then we’re jumping on a train for ten hours to get to Prague. So we might just end the post here guys. Because we got to start the new post true this price almost midnight well it’s midnight when we catch the next train yeah. So start a post when we jump on that train.

But uhm good on guys we’ll see you in an hour you.

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