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On reaching the main road, go straight over into the Best latin countries to visit residential Post Horn Lane and follow it to its end where it meets Primrose Lane on a sharp Best latin countries to visit right-hand bend. At this point, go straight on along a metalled drive heading straight for the golf course. Royal Ashdown Forest is one of the most prestigious and also scenic golf courses in southern England.

Access across the course is not prohibited for walkers but it should go without saying that you should not encroach onto the tees or greens, and you should try to stick to paths beside the fairways wherever possible. The golf course obtained its royal title after the Duke of Cambridge, who had commanded the troops at a review on the Forest by Queen Victoria, had been prevailed upon to drive a ball wearing his full dress. A short way up the drive you will see a sign stating ‘Ashdown Forest – Speed Limit 10 mph’.

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