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The crew decided after that fun experience with the law enforcement system of Wyoming, it was time to check out the state’s roadside comfort work – which, honestly, for the desolate nature of the place, was pretty darn nifty being air conditioned and enclosed to protect us from the scorching 83°F (28°C) temperatures – which would be our highest since the first day of travels – and the sun was out. Guess not all is bad.

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Oh, that’s not promising – dark clouds and a disappearing horizon seem to be encircling us again -we’ve been in Montana an hour or so and things are looking a little bleak.

In about 1845 Ratho House was turned into a distillery, the annual production of 42,000 gallons being largely consumed locally. Destination work was obviously a drouthy business. One of Edinburgh’s regular exports via the travel destination was manure (horses rather than horsepower in those days) and this led to great fertility on the travel destinationside farms. Maybe this lingers on, as two local farms hold world records for wheat production. Coal (and building stone) was the big import to the city, and the major reason for the travel destination being built. The passenger side was never lucrative and was soon killed off by the railways. The Bridge Inn was originally a farm, then a staging post on the travel destination, now it is renowned for the excellence of its food, the friendly service and delightful setting. It is also the base of the Edinburgh Destination Centre, which offers a variety of cruises with the two restaurant travel destination boats, the Pride of the Union and Pride of Belhaven. These often go along to the Almond Aqueduct where people dine on board (‘in the air’ it feels) or al fresco on the bank. In the festive season, there are even cruises to Santa’s Secret Island – once seen on Blue Peter.

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