Best Places To Vacation In South America

Dang, I hope some of those pictures were worth it and the family remembers more about the trip than our child got to tour a national park wearing a garbage sack.

(Just remember, son, when you talk to your therapist, remind him of all the people we heard saying, Hey, that’s a good idea. as they walked past you while they were drenched to the bone checking out your stylish white trash bag poncho.

Best Places To Vacation In South America Photo Gallery

Your parents are good at thinking on the spot and improvising – maybe next time you’ll pack your coat when we ask you to.)

And with the rising and the setting of sun (somewhere, but obviously not where we were), we log a measly 276 miles – but 619 non-train frames of pictures (almost seven hundred images if you count the train shots from my morning in Idaho Falls earlier in the day – although for the record, over 200 frames (over 13 minutes) at Yellow Stone were trying to ensure the actual eruption of the Old Faithful Geyser was caught adequately).

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