Best Travel Destinations Asia November

Best Travel Destinations Asia November

It was with her that I would regularly go shopping, gladly walking the three or four miles to the Valley. This, we usually did before school began at nine. Occasionally, we would get a lift down and up.

The amount of knowledge I learnt from the trips outside my village was overwhelming, especially when you consider the fact that we had no TV in those days; and, no my blogs as such at home to read -just the bible which we read over and over again.

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To fill you in a bit on my experiences while travelling to and from the villages, I saw a cotton gin in operation; a tack shop with horse shoes and saddles; how soft drinks were made and bottled; and, generally, things which caused my ears to prick up, my eyes to open wider, my nostrils to flare, my mouth to water, my hands to shake and my feet, heart and head to ache.

In other words, I experienced the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly; but, in essence, that is what life and living is all about. It forces us to make choices; and, if we can get a good start on this from early, all the better.

I had started the journey to get to truly know myself; and, to truly live. My self-confidence was building up; and, my passion for travelling ever increasing. There was that growing thirst to set out to explore new and exciting places abroad.

A jaunt to nearby French St. Martin was my obvious choice; for, its mountains had been beckoning me for as long as I could remember. Three uncles had gone to seek work over there; and, the stories they told on their visits home served to deepen my desire.

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