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Good day guys welcome to Australia. I promise I’ll only use that one. So welcome to the beginning of my 14 day beaches n reefs for now, this is technically not day 1, this is day 0 or day X as we like to call it it is a day trip up to Cape Tribulation that.

I am taking now, this is actually an optional that, you can do on the contiki tours, it’s on one of the longer tours, but. I’m just doing it because. I have an extra day here in Kenz welcome to daintree rainforest.

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So right now we’re doing a little 45 minute nature walk through this World Heritage Sites the National Heritage Site, you see behind me, you. And now remember how much my hair hates humidity oh dear gum crackdown James, you guys can spawn talk about call or not. I don’t think.

We’ll get bad luck apparently not right. And we got crop tops spots sample program Australia’s I’ll across please said the freshwater croc prefers the flat country across the top in this kind of regard the eastern seaboard see our poor town has only consultants Salty’s my mark bigger than the power or Australia’s two species this is so much cooler than death, you later now.

I did actually see well for crocodile and. So we excited if you talk of river cruise on a similar type of river a similar type of day 50 million 100 million or 200 billion years ago, you find crocks looking. And behaving the same as the ones heated up well there, you have it our crocodile hunting experience only one else cottage baby immense all right we’re in the wet season before, you guys come here tree comes.

And dry season which is pretty much winter time here there’s a lot canals Cape Tribulation there, you have it we’re talking about the reef meets the rainforest and, this is the only place, you know the world where. I read two would edit Acharya live next to each other rainforest mangrove system. And if you’re going now to the right side, you can see that strange color on the water that is quite a bit dark and, you see where they break in the waves that is old old reef next up we have the Daintree Discovery Center which is basically interpretive center, but the rainforest.

And right now we’re going on a beautiful catwalk overlooking Laurene fourth guy be impressive sorry. I’m out of breath. I like raced up raced up the kateri tower since all three fourths.

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