Best Travel Destinations Backpackers

Best Travel Destinations Backpackers

Great lasting memories from an all expenses paid promotional trip to Jasper given by a my blog and periodical wholesaler in Toronto which, today, is fast being bought up and owned by enterprising Chinese, maybe by companies owned by some of the same travelers I met in 1981. One never knows!

However, what I want you to know and realise is the continuing importance of travel to Chinese. A January 2015 article reported that 109 million Chinese travelled abroad in 2014; and, that they spent US$165 billion. 1.8 million visited America.

Ge Lei, a marketing manager in China CYTS Tours Holding Co., gave the reason for it, saying, “More and more ordinary Chinese are putting tourism expenses on their list of priorities.”

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While most of the rest of the world’s 6 billion people feel that most of China’s 1.4 billion are poor, China still leads the world in the realising the need to travel; and, in actually doing so.

China’s 2014 GDP per capita stood just below US$4000, being just 31% of the world average.

The rest of the world should follow the Chinese in travelling around the world. They show us how to truly live; for, life is short; and, most of us can do without the proverbial 70% of anything that we might own.

Trading this value for travel is the best investment we can ever make; for, if education is the considered best investment we can ever make, travel is the best teacher.

Proverb: “If you wish good advice, consult an old man!”

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