Daily Life Adventures on Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Hi guys today I am here with my friend poppy hey guys she is actually just starting a new series about travel on her blog, and I’ve seen some of the posts, and they are really awesome you should go to her blog, and check them out, I’ll put the links all down below. So today we’re kind of making a post about what daily life is like here on Lake atitlán in Guatemala we are awake pretty early this morning photographing the sunrise I do get up pretty early here I don’t know if papi does every morning I get up pretty early, and I come down to the lake, and I write, and I have my morning coffee the best way to work of my coffee, and a cat about to go out in the kayak Oh another thing about living here is that you have to take a boat into town you take a boat into town, and forget to get something then there’s not really a lot of options, and there aren’t really stores around anywhere it’s more of an adventure just to go out, and all I have not had any warm showers ever I mean, I’m kind of used to it. But I’d like a hot shower once in a while you know you have to be really careful not drinking the water scorpions in the shower I’ve accepted them they’re part of life now I can’t be that afraid of big spiders.

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Because they’re everywhere tuk tuk broke down they’re gonna fix it to the wrong some sort of fixing is going on Balto is kind of the community dog he stays at a hostel that’s down the road. But he pretty much just wanders around the town going wherever he wants sometimes he comes in as coffee with me he knows how to ride the boats, and that sometimes he’d just go on a boat, and take a ride to another town, and then his owners would have to like kind of figure out where he went or I’d take a boat somewhere else, and yeah he’s just a traveling dog, I’m pretty sure he weighs twice as much as me if I had a dog I would definitely have a dog like him doing a lot of hiking here in Guatemala amazing amazing views huh like past your area and. So pretty we are having the best time we just saw these guys with horses going through the water, and unloading all of this firewood that they had gone, and gotten, and it looks just like all these scenes out of the movie or something kind of looks like some of these shots of the people are staged. But they’re not these are just the people that we come across. So cool here. So if you were having lunch, and we’re like oh this food would be. So great with a fresh lime too bad I don’t have those you would be in luck.

Because right over here we can just pick these, and eat them same sort of situation over this way there’s all these um black raspberries these are lemon lemons what they mean mom’s no they’re not limes they’re lemons look at all of these avocados papi what just happened um well I just took a bite of my food, and then I found like beetle or a June bug. But behind me up there that is live you nice house small. But it’s so cute, I’ll show it to you you go up the stairs that is a banana tree that’s a mango tree up the stairs where Balto is sometimes just randomly hanging out inside it’s small. But it’s really cute there’s really not much of a tour to do. Because it’s just this little room. But if you really want it that’s the bed that’s where I keep our books that we read at night that’s a little place where we work this is where we put cameras, and coffee, and that’s it something about living here is the way that the trash is so you wouldn’t really think about it in the US for example.

But here it’s completely different there’s not just a trash can where you threw your stuff away natural trash like apple cores or bones we just basically throw it in the woods that’s it or into the garden just right here just yeah yeah throw it in the woods then everything that’s not natural like paper plastic we put in something really scary called the incinerator this is the incinerator, and everything in there just basically gets burned, and that’s the trash system here there was just a big storm as there often is here power went out. So we are now in the candle light, and we have a beautiful candle lit dinner, and editing session. So that’s been my last of times here on Lake atitlán I really love it here it’s absolutely gorgeous. But, I’m excited to go to our next location going to Antigua in Guatemala, and I know that a lot of you have suggested I go there. So it’s partially thanks to you guys. So thank you okay hope you enjoyed the post bye say bye Balto also say bye he said bye.

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