Best Travel Destinations Winter 2018

Best Travel Destinations Winter 2018

Herein lies the lesson, if you are a parent. Don’t let any child – from newborn baby, infant, toddler, preteen, teen, young adult to any age older – kill your desire to travel; ever prevent you from travelling; or, slow you down!

In these modern days, you are fortunate – everything is in place to aid and assist everyone in every which way. If there are challenges in your way, simply Google or YouTube to find answers and ways and means. All it takes is the will, determination and patience.

Google and YouTube are your tireless, faithful, 24/7 perpetual sources of instant information; but, there is always a friendly travel agent; and, the ready and willing line-up of resourceful, knowledgeable, experienced and reliable family members, relatives, friends and co-workers.

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Remember, planning becomes even that more incumbent on you; and, that much more important and necessary when travelling with little ones or with older challenged children.

In life, there are always the problems, challenges, holdbacks, deterrents, pitfalls, stumbling blocks and what have you; so, you must endeavour to overcome them This takes focus, hard work and dedication; and, these are the things that distinguish a person.

Always tell yourself that you have it in you to take on all odds; and, that you will not only survive; but, truly succeed; but, to do so, you must be realistic and know and follow certain guidelines, e.g., plan to go slow and take it easy, if you are travelling with children for the very first time; or, with challenged children.

Again, this is exactly why I recommend going on a cruise for anyone travelling for the very first time; and, going on an organised one, with a group, if possible; or, having a friendly travel agent my blog and organise everything, including the transportation to and from the cruise.

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