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Three hours later, we’ve seemed to actually outrun it this time. Unfortunately we’ve outrun it back into the ‘Sturgis Overflow’ area of motel vacancy desert – No Vacancy signs are lit up everywhere. At least we have sunthat we can drive intoas we head back west.

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(This is the last semi-clear image with the camera – it would seem catching a bug on the lens at 70mph is a little traumatic – to everyone/everything involved.

In case you’re wondering, it’s best not to put the camera outside the car window to take pictures – to this day I’m still getting little bug bits from the seams of the camera lens.)

Another half-hour and a reminder of what we’ll be facing in the Columbia River Gorge on the way home as the news has reported large fires extend all up and down the river corridor and eastern Oregon. The good news in this instance is we’re facing only minor traffic slow-ups and impediments.

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