Bonfire Sunsets in Antigua Sailing the Caribbean

Hey guys. And today the weather is finally in our favor we have just left out of jolly harbour we had a good start today calm waters good conditions.

And now we’re currently heading north up to a place that’s known as deep bay again figures across that today will be the day that. I get to catch my own meal with a speargun very very excited to try that. I don’t know why, but like from the moment.

Bonfire Sunsets in Antigua Sailing the Caribbean Photo Gallery

I got here. I’m like that’s gonna be my mission of this trip the beautiful blue waters are out today turns out the reason that it looked the way it did was because of the harsh conditions we’ve been having the waves are just kicking up all the dirt. And that’s the Milky look that, you get is the dirt kind of flowing through the water, it’s almost returning a bit more to a Caribbean esque look, but it’ll probably take more days than we have here to go back to its typical self it is a beautiful day though peppy would, you dive that right okay let’s go there now there’s a shipper Barry’s back down the hatches full steam ahead okay there’s no name, but, it’s a rack six mated States.

So we all should be able to dive down. And have a look around maybe there’s some fish oh this could be it the SLV spirits are in full effect today once again driving the boat. And the waves are back sailings a lot of work.

I’m exhausted this looks pretty straightforward so. I’ve had to refilm this because the pins up there are too strong right now it feels like we’re traveling through 27 not winds definitely not extreme conditions, but not mild by any means what’s that Riley, you need me on Aon AG to come. And stay for a beat Mike helmsman they’re calling in the big guns let’s do this get up things are going good we’re still floating, you have to fight it yeah well.

I think we’re both pal Riley’s like, you can’t boss to screw this up well we found a way leaving a thumbs up, you didn’t kill us pray how’d it feel nice smooth transition in sales have changed directions. I were in a monohull like a typical sailboat the boat would be like this right now and. I would be like this right now luckily the catamaran has like a pretty flat base.

So even though we still feel the movement of the waves it does get a little rocking here, it’s nothing compared to what it would have been if this was a normal sailboat the catamaran having two basses gives you so much more stability what does that mean walking walk feel it a YG’s Peters at the wrong angle at the front, but also because, you get wet if you don’t if you don’t pick up on what’s happening, you get what every now. And then so.

I heard the Duke and. I was a lot hit yeah, you got, you gave us like a second head start before our massive wave came over all right guys, you can see the subtle outline. And that is a shipwreck right there that’s we’re gonna go do some free diving try to swim into the shipwreck backwards until we feel the anchor bite in the sand.

And then we’re on the anchor, this is Elena’s one yeah there bit smaller than mine. And you’re just gonna grab that by there mm-hmm. And, it’s it’s quite give, you because of the length of the gun.

And you’ve got to use your other hand okay to get it into your chest yeah. So yeah. I won’t load it now obviously they’ve got a pull hold that.

And get it to there okay. And then grab it like that. And slide it up into the nachi like that.

And you’re seeing it sometimes bruises of your chest yeah yeah you’ll get all sorts of injuries don’t what I’d be happy to shoot is if there’s schooling fish in the area, but, you don’t want to go shooting refuge like Kroger or snapper or something like that if there’s dozens of them then yeah if, it’s the last growth in the area. I mean the last thing that, you want to do is show that he’s so huge a welcome gift now reopened haven’t even in six days it is all on me to get us dinner with this begun.

I’m currently sharpening it what do, you think of my accent pretty spot-on sharkbait Oh feel like we need to hunting tuned guys we have arrived at the shipwreck, you can see if poking out over there. And it goes all the way to here there goes our brave Riley also known as the giant condom just got a status update from the giant rubber. And visibility is zero you’re not gonna see anything you’re definitely not gonna hunt anything we’re gonna starve tonight the hero Antigua needs, but not the hero Antigua service Kathy is right now in the room she has no idea that.

I can open the top hatch from here. So let’s see if we can scare okay did. I scare, you no yes we have just spent the afternoon doing a little bit of work.

I actually have like really good internet here which typically can’t be said when I’m on a beautiful island and. I just prepared a wrap here.

And Elena is basically giving us some of the best ingredients life has we have avocado we got the hummus we had a Tamarack latte for breakfast this morning. I’m gonna make another one every day she keeps introducing us to these different like vegan options and. I gotta say, it’s opening my eyes a little bit.

I still love a good burger but I want to eat a whole cow much neither much how can. I tell, you what.

I want. So Plan B we’re gonna do a campfire on the beach here we’re gonna have a bit of a picnic Alana’s brought some eggplant which we will be barbecuing. And what else do we bring eggplant.

And capsicum. I bought these red capsicum. And is like super sweet oh.

I’m potatoes we’re gonna wrap the moon alfoil. And stick them in the fire. And we’re gonna put water in them.

And they’re gonna be epic that sounds amazing, this is a picture-perfect beach right here beautiful white sand beach it doesn’t get any softer than that beautiful sunset perfect beach only calls for one thing let’s do it. I forgot the batteries, this is the proper Caribbean night Oh what is going on down there one of the locals let’s see don’t shoot what happened group my friend hands down was phenomenal. I’ve never done one better than that before.

I held it for like 3-4 seconds, but really well the third. And fourth of dose not as successful. I fell into the puddle.

I should say fell into the ocean that’s the way she goes sometimes we’re all here doing our best our best isn’t good consumer, you don’t see that you’ll get me all right go for it Oh No. So the second Elena threw the pot of water on the fire. I heard they’re like cackling of the smoke in the fire going out.

And then all of a sudden the sky just opened up with the thickest raindrops. And we’re all freaking out it happened. So quickly had to like grab the camera of the bag we ran for shelter all of us like hid under a bush.

And now we’re heading back to the boat that was an epic end yeah the chances of that we had all our camera gear out yeah everything. So yeah that was a great white antha not. I just thought it would probably go hard before anymore rain clouds come over.

And now this guys like clear welcome back to the SLV. ?

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