I’m doing it guys, I’m doing up no one can stop me, I’m Donna oh um told you no one can stop me mmm.

So good. So freaking good hello hello hello everybody how you guys doing today I hope you having an awesome day, I’m having a pretty good day today actually, I’m getting some work done doing some stuff. But I think, I’m gonna take the afternoon off. Because stop me I wanna have fun today by the way for those who didn’t believe me that my hair would be fluffy as I said last night yeah it’s this is this is pretty much it when I wash my hair which is not good. But rayful it’s more is that cup now feel like, I’m hyping up this haircut the thing is with daily posts is you guys see our days every single day. So if I mention something more than once I feel like, I’m over – all I know is that my French cafe view might just butcher this haircut, and then you guys will have a lot. Because I’ve been over – how good he is, and it just might not be that good.


So, I’m not over laughing, I’m not gonna talk about it again till tomorrow feel like it’s about time we buy a new board game something good that we haven’t played before. But we’ve played all of these oh man, I’ll just walk in class cuz the board games any other Lego section I used to love these when I was a kid it’s the only real thing I started collecting doesn’t look anything like the ones I played with oh well maybe that guy does couldn’t resist a cheeky coffee by the way I love how, I’m like I want to go do something fun in the afternoon. So the first thing I do is very look for board games for new board games that’s that’s not good, I’m addicted, I’m addicted to board games let’s put the pizza in the pizza machine – yummy yummy yummy yummy pom pom pom pom feel like this is a test a picture oh well how are you jelly I feel like this is now the status a tradition where’s Linda okay thanks for feeding yourself fairy she could be on the way back from where she asked her she’s going late nut’n, and we need a crush oh no thanks Mary yeah no you look like the crazy cat man actually one another cat stains on a white cat you got a gray cat an orange cat on a white cat dogs are hard to travel with I’ve such loving mom I say can we come no no no ride me I mean I thought you to drive me series confusing record the Frank place is sleepy through Jess was like trying to steal some players clothes I think that doubles dead they have to grab the head, and do this real-life I didn’t say good morning.

So honey even though it’s 5:00 in the afternoon that is a school dance, and he knew he had some new shoes trying to fix them out for him you should totally go for these dad mm-hmm get your septa, and on why every time we come to the shops we end up in the most boring section of the whole shop don’t you have enough why why do we always need like wine fries should be good date night again guys, and it look like we’re gonna have an epic sunset tonight. So, I’m gonna quickly go get myself a ginger beer. Because I saw Steven up on today, I’m jealous just today’s theme isn’t, I’m gonna do what I want myself get ginger beer and, I’m gonna go watch the sunset it’s a beach that’s why I won’t say just say it again I don’t care who judges me cuz I don’t know Oh Bobby are you gonna get it in time was it disappeared though it’s so quick if it did why just for the record you can never have ginger be a regret just don’t listen to this woman we may have missed the sundown. But I don’t care look how pink, and blue it looks it’s so beautiful, and can you pop that bad boy or what are we sharing um yes we are pop it pop it lock it oh this is so weird there is like no wind, I’m at the beach this is like eerily like still new that scary girl from the Apple TV’s gonna come get you, I’m actually really scared of that go by the way we have some foods excitement’s falling latin we may i’ve had just booked in some kiki aeroplane tickets for another trip a little trip tell you guys where we’re going close to the dates. But have you guessed one the commented only yeah we would tell you closer to the date just to you i don’t want you guys to get too excited the way very excited right now. Because i got the only a new series now that we finished making a murderer we’re gonna do season 5 of American Horror Story now if you’ve never watched this show it’s awesome each season they keep the exact same cast. But it’s a completely different story they play different characters. So just think like how awesome that is I think only a few shows do that. So if you never watch it it’s not too scary just doesn’t like scary stories. But go up to the fifth season is good we recommend it.

But sometimes it’s scary sometimes a steamy anyway thanks so much for reading guys, and we’ll see tomorrow night guys bye.

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