Boston Public Library Courtyard US Map & Phone & Address

Copley Square, Boston; (617) 536-5400

Who would guess that the ultimate city-dweller’s getaway is found right in the heart of downtown? Yes folks, if you’ve never experienced it, the courtyard at the center of the Boston Public Library where the old building joins the new is an oasis of tranquility in the midst of the urban jungle.

Enter from either building, and follow the signs; soon, you’ll find yourself gazing upon trees, flowers, and a quiet fountain in a reflecting pool. Surrounded on all four sides by the library itself, the walled-in effect is not claustrophobic, but peaceful. You can barely hear the city, even though you’re outdoors. Here, people sit in chairs and on benches reading, quietly conversing, or just closing their eyes and listening to the water. It really is quite amazing even more so because, like all the riches the library offers, it’s free of charge. Open during regular library hours, year-round (though you’ll find fewer people, and no water, during the winter months).

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