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One of the great joys of New York is window shopping. Just stroll down Fifth Avenue from 59th Street, preferably on a sunny day. You can’t help being dazzled by the fabulous jewellery displays, the latest shoes from Paris, luxurious leather goods, books of all nations, houses of beauty, exquisite crystal and porcelain, airline and tourist offices catering to your travel itch, discount stores and. of course, clothes, clothes, clothes. If you’re hungry, you’ll be able to pick up a giant pretzel along the way.

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Very often crabs and lobsters can be found hiding among the pile of debris and, surprisingly, there is still the glint of the odd copper pipe concreted into the pile. An anchor and chain, an iron propeller, a prop shaft and lots of rusting metal and two big winches lie close by on the sloping bank. Anemones, which are attracted by the strong currents, cover the side of the rocks and walls of the Callers. The current runs around the inside of the Crumstone and then sweeps through the gullies between the Callers; sometimes it is strong enough to purge your demand valve. Slack low water is the best time to dive and the visibility is usually good. Down the western corner of Crumstone, there are lots of rusting plates and girders in depths ranging from only 5-8 metres, where the occasional lobster and cod can sometimes be found. The sloping bottom is a mass of rocks and boulders, all covered in small marine growth, and it then gives way to sand, lower down at about 15 metres. Many young seal pups frolic around in this area but the current is very strong on the top half of the tide. This area, called the Fang, is a V-shaped shallow stretch of ground reaching out from the western side of Crumstone and the second Caller islets for about 250 metres. There are lots of creeks and gullies but very few holes and crevices, and for some reason not much marine life, despite being constantly swept by strong currents from both sides on the flood and ebb tides.

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