Brandeis University US Map & Phone & Address

Brandeis University US Map & Phone & Address

415 South St. Waltham; (617) 736-4300 The Spingold Theatre Center actually contains three different stages of various sizes and shapes; and the quality of the student productions is very high. Most are directed by faculty or major Boston-area directors, and the casts usually feature seriously dedicated and talented MFA students who are not far from Broadway. Elsewhere on campus, the Slosberg Music Center offers faculty and student recitals, as well as concerts by such professional groups as the Lydian String Quartet; tickets are generally $5 to $10, though there are a number of free events.

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The islands were then handed over to the Dean and Chapter of Durham in which they remained until the 18th century, when they were sold into private hands. In 1861 the Inner group of the islands were sold to Archdeacon Thorpe and in 1894 the Outer group went to Lord Armstrong. In 1925, however, all the islands were bought by public subscription and passed over to the National Trust, in whose hands they have remained ever since for the enjoyment of all. During the late 16th and 17th centuries the pele-type tower on Farne Island, built by Thomas Castell, the prior of Durham, was used by the government as a fort. The Pele towers were built like small castles and were quite self-sufficient. They usually incorporated a drinking well and had walls six feet thick to keep out the enemy, usually the Border rievers, Inside the Pele tower on Farne was a vaulted under-storey and stone part-spiral staircase. During the reign of Charles II, a coal-fired lighthouse was established, with the fire being lit on the top of Prior Castell’s tower every night. It may have been very basic but it nevertheless saved many people during its working life. It was not until 1809 that a ‘modern’ lighthouse with an oil light was built. The present lighthouse, which stands at the southwest corner of Farne, overlooking the high cliffs and The Stack, is now fully automatic.

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