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Famous buildings

The Palace of the Parliament

Guiness Book registers this construction as the second largest building in the World, after the Pentagon – with a floor area of 330,000 m2 – and the third in the world as volume, with 2,550,000 m3. The building is situated in the historical and geographical center of Bucharest and it was built on an artificially built hill. The building, whose works were started in July 1984, is structured on

The National 4 a Theatre Architectural detail – the CEC building – Bucharest six levels and divided into 21 body units. It includes a huge combination of monumental sculptures, gilded ornaments, decorative flooring, laced ceilings, brocade curtains, heavy carpets and tapestry, all in a succession of chambers, galleries, lavish vast rooms and halls, which split themselves or merge in a simple, overwhelming and harmonious way. The Palace of the Parliament is 84 meters high, having a total number of 12 stories above ground, and another eight stories underground. Having the shape of a pyramid without a peak, the palace comprises vast halls, long corridors, and countless huge chambers, among which it is worth mentioning the Union Room, 16 meters high and with an area of 2.200 m2. The Palace of the Parliament can be visited in organized groups and it is the place where the Romanian Parliament carries out its activity. The building is also one of the most active social and cultural centers of the city, being the place where you can plan large events.

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The Romanian Athenaeum

Founded in 1865, the Romanian Athenaeum is one of the symbols of Romanian culture. The actual construction started in 1886, following the plans designed by the French architect Albert Galleron, and the building was inaugurated on the 14th of Febraury, 1888. This is the home of the “George Enescu” Philharmonic and this was also the concerting place of some of the best-known conductors, soloists and players of the 20th century: Erich Kleiber, Sergiu Celibidache, Ionel Perlea, Herbert von Karajan, Dinu Lipatti, Arthur Rubinstein, Pablo Casals, Yehudi Menuhin. The building of the Athenaeum is considered to be “the heart” of the “George Enescu” International Festival, an event which reached its 18th edition, rated as one of the most prominent classical music events in the Southeastern Europe.

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