Hey guys welcome to the canyon badlands that’s right Canada has Badlands did, you know that, it’s one of Canada’s best kept secrets down here in south eastern alberta near drumheller bc. And Dinosaur Valley, this is Horseshoe Canyon where she kind of good well, it’s Canyon in the shape of horseshoe, but, this is what we’re doing today we’re going to look at some dinosaurs.

CANADIAN BADLANS Alberta Canada Photo Gallery

And we’re gonna look at some geological formations aren’t, you excited, it’s pretty pretty sick Alex do, you want to come down. So course. I do yeah look hope dice or guys that dies are right there we just retyped up dust or yeah we did no way, you love that sorry yeah we’re gonna like it awesome view of atlas, this is what, you see, this is what, you see for how much for the free box three walks four bucks, this is drumheller, this is drum.

And badlands. And darks more capital of canada world, you do, you guys believe in witchcraft Jubilee arch crap yes. I do do, you believe in voodoo dolls yes.

I do well how about who it is of course you’re supposed to say oh, it’s a hoodoo well Internet I’ll tell, you that is a who do, you know for a geological formation natural. And historical geological formations. I love, you climbing on them Oh makes top of the hood is Alex are, you choked she feel accomplished.

I feel this. So complex we’re gonna steal oh boo boo come have a puppy Donna solace used to roll down there yeah. I said it now the hike back down boy no one ed, you might ask why are, you here in this beautiful nature 6 setting well.


I ask why are, you here in this beautiful nature sick setting well internet. I will tell you. I do tourist posts a new travel posts but.

I’ve never really done any cat posts to any camera posts. I’m from Canada it should be like most my posts should be volcanic. So here’s some posts, but Canada welcome if you are going anywhere in Canada, you have to come as, you guys want to stay in our hotel let’s go let’s go stay here that’s good this would be ridiculous Stan.

I don’t even know how much. I bet you’d be very expensive because look at your view $6,000 because. I’m freezing.

And coffee. ?

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