Kruger Park South Africa

There are wild animals surrounding me hi guys hello.

And welcome to greater Kruger National Park oh my goodness guys when, you come to Africa, you want to come see Kruger National Park, it’s kind of like a big deal a big deal, this is gonna be a five day add-on tour to our volunteer southern Africa projects. So, you know once you’re done volunteering we’re gonna come find some animals. And the company that we’re going through is called drifters.

Kruger Park South Africa Photo Gallery

And they’re really really well known here. And South Africa. So we’re in for a treat you’re in for a treat now let me show, you guys our first accomodation that we’re staying at.

So we’re staying here for two nights. And it is basically a Ted. I mean like, it’s a tent, but, it’s under cover like there’s like actually like a wood roof above us, you can see that there’s also no fences here.

So wild animals are just gonna be roaming around our tent tonight no seriously like actually serious. So right now we are going on a bit of a nature walk bush walk. So on our walk we were shown how certain local plants can be used for a variety of things such as toothpaste as well as we got to try the marula fruits indigenous to southern Africa.

And then we make VI snot citrusy, it’s like yeah like a honeydew, but like sweeter without the texture of light cheap. So good yeah is that a culpers is just a snake no Cobra John what’s happening, it’s very venomous, it’s better yeah that’s why we’re standing on the counters. So two of us are here reading this go down could.

I must film it now the journey from Johannesburg to Kruger is over 450 kilometers. So we made a few stops along the way, this is the blyde river canyon it is the third largest canyon in the world right behind the Grand Canyon in the US. And the fish river canyon in Namibia, it’s a really big Canyon, it’s kind of Awesome let’s go take a look let me get out of this view these are the potholes are next all right everybody we made to our second accommodation, this is the hazyview Lodge in Kruger National Park.

And, it’s quite a bit different as, you can see behind me it is like literally in the rainforest hey everybody it is currently 5:30 in the morning. And we are just about to head into Kruger National Park. So the reason we were up.

So early is because well, this is what the park opens. So, this is our like crazy overseas Land Rover thing don’t windows are gonna come down. And we’re gonna go spot some animals in our big crazy truck.

So, this is the sighting board. So we have yesterday. And see it all the dots for the various big animals okay let me explain this.

So the reason the big five are called big five is because they’re the five hardest to hunt animals on a foot here in Africa. So that would be looks like they had a lot of Buffalo yesterday that’s a green lots of lions. And today we got elephants buffalo with that Rhino lions leopards all them because all them today hopefully we’re gonna get all them Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa at over 19,000 square kilometres.

So, you can literally drive through it for hours trying to spot game we managed to see a lot of elephants lots. And lots of elephant we even saw one pushing over a marula tree. And having itself some sweet afternoon treats by the way elephants really love marula fruit we also spotted a few Buffalo plus white rhinos Oh with more elephants.

And if you you can see two lines resting under a tree. I mean really really slick here go on Leopard come on, but unfortunately no elesif leopards the hardest of the big five to spot hey guys thanks so much for reading my post.

I hope, you enjoyed it don’t forget to hit the comment button for more travel posts from me and. I will see, you again in a few days time with a new post bye. ?

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