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Robert Downer testifyed, That this Prisoner being some years ago Monterey Metro Map prosecuted at By all accounts he was a loving husband and devoted father who had a good job as a railroad car inspector. Emory and his family lived just a few blocks from the Arlington Hotel.

On a hot Sunday morning, August 1910, Emory walked to the Arlington Hotel, registered and was given a room on the third floor. He told the clerk he was tired and wanted to lie down for a while. Just half an hour later, he jumped from the third floor window, his motionless body lying on the sidewalk below. The fall fractured his spine and gave him a severe brain injury. He never regained consciousness and died a few days later. The only thing Emory left behind was a short note that simply stated he had $15.00 in his pocket.

Emory’s wife had no idea he had gone to the Arlington and could give no reason why he would be there. In spite of that, she still refused to believe it was suicide. She claimed he was likely sick, went to the window for fresh air, became dizzy and fell out. His death certificate indicates cause of death was an accidental fall. Why Emory fell from the third floor window remains a mystery.

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