Hawks Cay Resort

Have your wedding at Hawks Cay Resort and your friends and family will thank you and not just for including them in your so-special day. They’ll be grateful for the excuse to have a holiday at a 60-acre escape with a tropical vibe, a serene ambience and such a roster of activities that fi shing, watersports and dolphin interactions are on offer, in addition to classic joys like swimming in fi ve pools and a private saltwater lagoon.

Wedding options are as diverse as the amenities offered at Hawks Cay, a Duck Key hideaway accessible by car, boat and air. Say your vows on the sand, under an enchanting colonial-style gazebo overlooking the turquoise water of the Florida Keys, or on an expansive lawn at sunset. Celebrate in a grand ballroom, aboard a yacht or around a lushly landscaped pool.

And the food? Modern tropical is the general theme, and the chefs will customize buffet and seated-meal menus to your tastes. Before and after the ceremonies, bond with your guests over staff-organized events from girly spa days to guys’ fishing expeditions that end with a buffet of finny fare they caught themselves. Group catamaran sails are always a hit. hawkscay.com

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